Members Only  

ARTICLE VII. Membership

SECTION 1: All candidates for membership must fill out the appropriate forms as provided by the Grand Chapter.

SECTION 2: All dues and fees must be remitted to the Grand Chapter as well any other requirements as set forth by the Central Office.

SECTION 3: Membership within the Society is for the duration the student is an active member in good standing at the Undergraduate Institution where the charter for the chapter is held.

SECTION 4: Membership Categories

a. There are two levels of membership.

i. Undergraduate, Pre-Medical members is defined as students of an Undergraduate Institution who have fulfilled all obligations and requirements as outlined within this Constitution and Chapter By-Laws.

ii. Honorary Members are defined as faculty or staff of the Undergraduate Institution or any individual working in a mentoring capability within a chapter of the Pre-Medical Society.

1. Honorary Members are not subject to the yearly dues and fees required but the appropriate forms must still be filled out as required by the Central Office.

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