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ARTICLE VI. Pre-Medical Chapters

SECTION 1: Pre-Medical Chapters shall be known by the name of the established college or university where the chapter is chartered.

SECTION 2: The chapters of the Society shall not become incorporated as chapters, since they are a component of the National Society, which is incorporated.

SECTION 3: Officer Position

a. The officers of active chapters shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Judge Advocate, Chapter Editor and such additional officers as provided for in the By-Laws of the chapters and not prohibited by the By-Laws of the Society.

b. The Secretary, Treasurer and Chapter Editor shall be elected for a period of one year from the last meeting of one collegiate year to the last meeting of the next.

c. The President, Vice-President, Judge Advocate and other officers of the active chapter shall be elected at such times and for such periods as the By-Laws of a chapter may provide; provided said By-Laws are not in conflict with the By-Laws of the Society.

SECTION 4: Officer Eligibility

a. None but active members shall be officers of an active chapter.

b. Any member of an active chapter is eligible to any office therein.

c. All officers of the chapter shall be eligible for re-election.

SECTION 5: The active chapters may provide in their By-Laws for an Executive Committee of three members of which the Secretary of the chapter shall be one.

SECTION 6: The duties of the officers of the active chapters:

a. President:

i. Shall be the official head of the chapter and shall preside at all regular or special sessions of the chapter and exercise general supervision over the members and committees of the chapter

ii. Shall appoint all committees with the exception of the Executive Committee and the Pre-Medical Society Committee and, in case of a tie, shall cast the deciding ballot except in elections.

iii. In conducting the sessions of the chapter, the President shall be governed by parliamentary law, the By-Laws of the Society and the By-Laws of the chapter. In event of an objection to the chair's interpretation of the laws or in event of an appeal from the decision of the chair, the opinion of the Judge Advocate shall prevail provided the President or the members do not appeal to the Pre-Medical Society Committee for a ruling in each specific objection.

b. The Vice-President shall act for the President in event of absence or disability of the latter and shall succeed to this office in event of permanent disability until an election shall be held to fill the vacancy thus created.

c. Secretary:

i. Shall be the chief executive officer of the active chapter in its relations with the Society and the extra-society world.

ii. Shall set down in a durable book the minutes of the chapter and transact all correspondences

iii. Serve as a member of all committees of the chapter.

iv. Collect from the Treasurer all money due from the members to be paid to the National Society and remit the same to the National Secretary-Treasurer as prescribed by the By-Laws of the Society.

v. Shall sign all documents and perform such other duties as may be delegated by the President or by enactment of the chapter, conduct the office in accordance with the official Uniform System of Chapter Accounting as prescribed by the By-Laws and promptly supply the National Secretary-Treasurer, on proper forms, all official information requested by said official in addition to information concerning the state of the chapter and its relation to its members and officers.

vi. Shall submit to the Central Office of the Fraternity twice each year, no later than thirty (30) days after the start of each semester (or every second quarter), a listing of the names of all members of the chapter, indicating whether each individual is a freshman, sophomore, junior or senior.

d. The Treasurer of the active chapter shall collect and receive all money due the chapter from its members on its local accounts, keep an accurate written record of all the transactions of this office in conformity with the official Uniform System Of Chapter Accounting as prescribed by the By-Laws and report same to the National Secretary-Treasurer on forms provided for that purpose.

e. Judge Advocate:

i. Shall be the parliamentarian of the chapter and shall have been a member of the chapter at least one year before being eligible to hold this office, be competently informed on the By-Laws and regulations of the Society, By-Laws of the chapter and Robert's Rules of Order.

ii. Shall be the court of last resort in the chapter in the matter of interpretation of the By-Laws of the chapter and their application.

iii. Shall direct the President in his or her official conduct and correct any violation or attempted violation of the By-Laws. Appeals from the Judge Advocate's decision shall be to the Pre-Medical Society Committee.

f. The Chapter Editor shall supply a chapter letter for each issue of the Phi Chi CHRONICLES and assist the National Editor in the collection of information regarding former members and other items of interest relating to the chapter. Chapter Letters shall be mailed on such dates as prescribed by the National Editor of the CHRONICLES.

SECTION 7: All officers of a chapter shall be subject to discipline by the Pre-Medical Society Committee for failure to properly perform their duties to the Society or active chapter as prescribed in the By-Laws.

SECTION 8: Chapter By-Laws

a. Chapter By-Laws may be amended by a three-fourths (3/4) vote of the members in attendance of any regular session.

b. New or reactivated chapters shall not be permitted to function under the guarantees of this By-Law for a period of longer than ninety (90) days without the adoption of By-Laws.

c. The Pre-Medical Society Committee shall have the power to revoke the charter of any chapter for failure to comply with this requirement.

d. Active chapters shall have power to adopt By-Laws for their local government and for the regulation and control of their revenues and property, provided that no By-Law shall be of legal effect which is in conflict with the By-Laws of the Society or regulation issued by the Pre-Medical Society Committee.

e. No ex post facto law shall be enacted.

SECTION 9: Active chapters may by a two-thirds (2/3) majority of its entire active membership suspend a member for cause as provided in the By-Laws of the Society or chapter, provided the misdemeanors punishable by suspension are stated in the By-Laws of the Society or chapter.

SECTION 10: Meetings

a. Each chapter shall hold regular meetings at least once each month (or more frequently as may be provided in the By-Laws) during the collegiate year. For sufficient reason, the President of the chapter may postpone any regular meeting to a time not exceeding two weeks from the scheduled date of a regular meeting. The Secretary shall notify all active members as to when the postponed meeting will be held.

b. All chapter business meetings shall be conducted according to parliamentary procedure, according to Robertís Rules of Order.

c. A quorum for any chapter meeting shall consist of a majority of the Chapter Officers.

d. A majority of those present at any regular chapter meeting shall be sufficient to determine the attitude or decision of the chapter in any case where the By-Laws of the Society does not require a greater majority, as in cases of suspension, expulsion and adoption/revision of chapter By-Laws.

e. The order of procedure of chapter Meetings shall be as follows:

Call to Order
Roll Call
Reading and Adoption of Minutes of Last Meeting
Reports of Officers
Reports of Committees
Reading of Correspondence
(a) From the Central or other Offices of the Fraternity
(b) From other sources
Unfinished Business
New Business
Election and Installation of Officers

f. The order of business may be changed by a majority vote of the entire active membership.

g. They may hold special meetings provided all active members of the chapter are notified by the Secretary at least twenty-four hours before the contemplated meeting. No laws affecting the revenues of the chapter can be enacted at such time.

SECTION 11: A chapter is delinquent if there are less than five (5) members in good standing (i.e., paid their Registration Fee and have been properly reported to the Central Office.), if the reports to the Central Office are in arrears, or if the chapter is found to be non-compliant with the By-Laws of the Society by the Pre-Medical Society Committee.

SECTION 12: No chapter is allowed to own any real estate property.


a. Substances commonly known as drugs, including alcohol and other intoxicants, which are illegal, and paraphernalia for the purpose of using these drugs are forbidden on any property used by any Chapter of The Phi Chi Pre-Medical Society, Inc., for any purpose whatsoever.

i. The use of illegal drugs shall be cause for suspension from this Society.

ii. Countenancing or permitting the use of the illegal drugs or at a Chapter function, by any Phi Chi Chapter shall be cause for suspension or revocation of the Charter.

b. The consumption of alcoholic beverages, in association with any activity of The Phi Chi Pre-Medical Society or its Chapters or the countenancing of such consumption by any person below the legal age in that particular jurisdiction, is forbidden.

c. Chronic alcoholism, acute alcoholism, and persistent drunkenness shall be cause for suspension of any member from this Society and encouragement on the part of a Chapter or its officers of any individual to consume alcoholic beverages, before they reach legal age in that particular jurisdiction, or encouragement to excessive consumption, shall be grounds for suspension of that Chapter, the officers or members involved, or both.

d. Conduct, which may result in harm or injury to any individual, by another individual, at any function of this Society is strictly forbidden. Hazing, in any form, is forbidden. Participating in, engaging in, or encouraging such conduct shall be grounds for suspension of the Chapter, or of members, or both.

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