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ARTICLE V. Charters


a. A charter may be granted for an active chapter of The Phi Chi Pre-Medical Society, Inc., upon petition of not less than twenty (20) members, of a regularly incorporated college or university. A charter shall only be granted in accordance with the following conditions:

i. The petition shall be transmitted to the Pre-Medical Society Committee with all information necessary for full and thorough knowledge of the applicants and of the standards, resources and activities of the college or university in which it is proposed to establish a new chapter.

ii. Upon receipt of a petition, as provided in this section of the By-Laws, the Pre-Medical Society Committee, shall make a full and speedy examination of the merits of the petition. The Pre-Medical Society Committee may, if deemed necessary, send one of their members or a designated member of the Society to personally investigate the petitioners and the college wherein they propose to establish a chapter.

b. No charter shall be granted without the unanimous consent of the Pre-Medical Society Committee.

SECTION 2: All expenses incident to chartering and installation shall be borne by the petitioners for a charter and no charter shall be granted until all taxes due the Pre-Medical Society have been paid.

SECTION 3: The charter shall be of genuine parchment (or a durable substitute), engraved, and read as follows:


(Coat of Arms)

The Grand Chapter

By its Executive Trustees, reposing faith and confidence in the integrity and virtue of those whose names are herein inscribed, does grant and confer unto said ______________________________, their associates and legal successors, this
constituting them into a chapter for the dissemination and practice of the principles of The Phi Chi Pre-Medical Society under the title of ______________________________________________________
of PHI CHI PREMEDICAL SOCIETY, INC. located in __________________________________, state of _____________________________________, so long as they shall conform to and obey the Constitution, Statutes, and General Laws of the Society and other regulations that may from time to time be enacted by the Grand Chapter or its legally constituted officers and representatives, giving and granting unto the said_____________________________________________ Chapter the right to perform all and severally the acts properly pertaining to the chapter as aforesaid.
Granted the ___day of ______Anno Domini Two Thousand ________ with the consent and authority of the Executive Trustees.

Attest: ________________________
Phi Chi Pre-Medical Society Committee President
Chairman, Executive Trustees

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