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The Grand Chapter

The Grand Chapter is the supreme governing body of the Fraternity.  Meetings are held every one or so years and is composed of delegates from active and alumni chapters, the officers of the Grand Chapter (consisting of the Grand Presiding Senior, Chairperson of the Executive Trustees, Grand Secretary-Treasurer and other officers needed to run the Grand Chapter), and members of Grand Chapter Committees elected by the preceding sessions.  Each active and alumni chapter is allowed to elect a delegate and an alternate as its representative in the Grand Chapter.

The Executive Trustees include the Chairperson, Grand Presiding Senior, Grand Presiding Junior, Grand Secretary-Treasurer and Member at Large

The Constitution and Statues of Phi Chi Medical Fraternity, Inc.

Grand Officers
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Chairperson of the Executive Trustees

Grand Presiding Senior

Grand Presiding Junior

Grand Secretary-Treasurer

Member at Large

Emeritus Trustee

Editor-in-Chief of the Phi Chi Chronicles
Shilpen Patel, MD

Grand Chapter Committees

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