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Are all fraternities the same?
NO!  According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, there are a few types of fraternities including:
-Professional: restricted to a field such as medicine, cultivates strengths in order to serve the community and provide assistance. ex) Phi Chi
-Social or General: known for social gatherings, these are what one traditionally thinks of in a college fraternity
-Service: primary purpose is community service
-Honor Society: Membership is exclusive and based on past achievements

Because Phi Chi is a fraternity, is it restricted to men only?
NO!  This is a common misconception with fraternities.  Fraternities can be male only, female only or mixed-sex organizations while sororities, a term first used in 1874 at Gamma Phi Beta at Syracuse University, are restricted to women only.  Today, some women's only organizations are called "women's fraternities."  Phi Chi Medical Fraternity is co-ed and has allowed women to join since the 1973 XL Grand Chapter Convention.

Is there a way for undergraduate students to enjoy the benefits of Phi Chi Medical Fraternity?
Yes.  There is a Student Interest Group that has been created called Phi Chi Pre-Medical Society that is there to help individuals in their quest to become doctors during their pre-med years.  Please visit the SIG page for more information.

What is a Fraternity?
According to Oxford Dictionary, a fraternity is “a group of people sharing a common profession or interest.”  Early examples include the Beta Kappa Society, founded in 1776 to be the first Greek letter fraternity, and Kappa Lambda Society of Aesculapius, the first professional fraternity founded in 1819.  Synonyms of fraternity include: association, club, order and society

What are the costs to join Phi Chi?
There is a one time initiation fee paid to the National Fraternity of $100.  Individual chapters are allowed to set chapter dues independent of the national fraternity.

Who can join Phi Chi?
Membership consists of Active and Associate types.  Active members can be any student of medicine where there is a chartered chapter.  Associate members are physicians who are doctors of medicine in good standing with the AMA, BMA or NMA, or members of the allied sciences with a doctor’s degree other than that of medicine where an active chapter is chartered, who are members of the medical faculty and not an alumni of other national medical fraternity.

When I graduate from medical school, will I still be a member?
Membership with Phi Chi is lifelong.  After graduation, you are still entitled to the benefits of membership.  Some members decide to join the Alumni Association in their area and if there is not one, you can look into forming one.

What are the benefits of joining Phi Chi?
-Networking: With members located throughout the world in a variety of positions, membership is there to give you that all important foot in the door for everything from basic sciences and clinical rotations to residency and beyond
-Housing: Many chapters have a house to provide cheep housing for members while in medical school.  These accommodations can also be available to visiting members during clinical years and residency interviews
-Loans: The Welfare Association is in charge of all loans provided for students (Junior and Senior members to help in emergencies up to $2000), chapter houses, medical libraries and lectureships.  Email the Welfare Association if you have any questions at
-Discounts: Phi Chi can offer a variety of discounts on supplies needed for school such as books as well as other valuable savings.  The list is always growing
-Leadership opportunities
-Awards for achievement both academically and to the fraternity
-Support System:  Phi Chi is there for you from helping with classes to providing housing to helping you unwind after a stressful day.  Members before you have experienced what you are going through and can help guide you during your medical journey.
-For a more inclusive list, but certainly not a complete one, check out our benefits page!

Do I get anything to prove that I am a Phi Chi member?
All initiated members shall receive a membership card with a unique membership number as well as a shingle, suitable for display indicating the date of membership and chapter initiated.

My school does not have a Phi Chi chapter, can I start one?

If you are interested in starting a new Phi Chi chapter or re-activating an existing chapter, please visit out New Chapter page and we will be more than happy to help answer any questions.

If you still have questions please ask here.

This page was last updated on: March 26, 2014