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Welfare Association
The Welfare Association provides a number of financial benefits to both chapters and members of the fraternity.  If you would like additional information on these benefits, please visit the Welfare Association page or .

    Shilpen Patel, MD- President
    Lawrence LeBlond, MD- Secretary/Treasurer   
    Cory Bovenzi
Hanna Lin
James Gwosdz

Membership Committee

Do you have a suggestion of benefits for members or questions about existing benefits?
You can check out the Benefits page or .

    Chris Welander

Do you have something you would like submitted to the E-Newsletter?
    You can check out our list of Publications or  .
    Manny Guajardo

Are you having a problem with the website or would you like to see something change?

    Lindsay Williams

We offer a chance for members to submit research they have participated in while part of Phi Chi Medical Fraternity. To learn more, please visit the Research Committee's Page.

     Cory Bovenzi

New Chapters/Re-Activating Chapters:
Are you interested in starting a new chapter or re-activating an existing chapter?
Visit the New Chapter page for more information or .

    Hiro Takeda

Phi Chi Pre-Medical Society:
The Pre-Medical Society is a Student Interest Group for pre-medical students who wish to enjoy the benefits of an affiliation with an International Medical Fraternity.  For more information, visit the SIG page or .

    Hiro Takeda

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