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Phi Chi's history has produced an amazing cadre of physicians, and continuity between new Phi Chi Physicians and respected senior physicians is an integral part of the fraternity.  We would like to facilitate the interaction of Phi Chi's from every generation, and with your contact information we would like to help make that happen.  If you are going to be in a new area for a medical school rotation, residency, or are relocating where you practice, let us know so we can help make connections happen.

Alumni Chapters

Alpha Alpha- Louisville, KY

Alpha Beta- Memphis, TN

Chi- Philadelphia, PA

Chi Upsilon- Omaha, NE


Creating New Alumni Chapters

If you are interested in starting a new Alumni Chapter or already have one going, please and we will be more than happy to help.  It's easy to gain a charter for your Alumni Association and become registered with the National Fraternity.  As an official Alumni Association you are entitled to the same representation as the active chapters on the national level.  One of the greatest assets of Phi Chi is our alumni, the experience you bring and the networking you provide.  By becoming chartered, you further enhance these networking opportunities and you get to have your say within the Grand Chapter.  All you need is 10 alumni members, they don't even all need to be from the same chapter, and you are on your way.

History of Alumni Association Grand Chapter Members

Contact Nationals with your Information

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