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Phi Chi is one of the oldest and largest international medical fraternities of its kind in the world. Phi Chi evolved from the merging of two professional medical fraternities bearing the same name. Phi Chi Society (Phi Chi East) was founded on March 31, 1889, at the University of Vermont, Burlington, Vt. Phi Chi Medical Fraternity (Phi Chi South) was founded on October 26, 1894, at the Louisville Medical College, Louisville, Ky. These two organizations did not know that they shared a similar name when they were founded. On March 5, 1905, in Burlington, Vt., Phi Chi Society and Phi Chi Medical Fraternity, Inc., were consolidated taking the name Phi Chi Medical Fraternity, Inc.

Chapters from the following Medical Societies have merged with Phi Chi over the years:

Group Letters Founded Location Merged  
Phi Chi Society ΦΧ March 31, 1889 University of Vermont, Burlington, Vt. March 5, 1905 5 active chapters when merged.
Phi Chi Medical Fraternity ΦΧ October 26, 1894 Louisville Medical College, Louisville, Ky.   18 active chapters when merged with Phi Chi Society
Pi Mu Honor Society ΠΜ December 13, 1892 University of Virginia October 7, 1922 7 active chapters when merged, ΠΜ Chapter created from Alpha, 6 chapters joined existing chapters
Omega Upsilon Phi Fraternity ΩΥΦ November 15, 1894 University of Buffalo May 26, 1934 Alpha Chapter joined as ΩΥΦ, The other chapters joined ΦΒΠ
Phi Alpha Gamma Fraternity ΦΑΓ March 25, 1894 New York Homeopathic Medical College February 21, 1948 2 active chapters ΦΑ and ΦΑΓ Chapters created from Alpha and Gamma. Beta had joined as BY in 1921

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