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Phi Chi Medical Fraternity

"October 26, 1894, at four o’clock, p.m., there assembled in the office of Doctor Clinton Kelly" of the faculty of the Louisville Medical College, "A. Harris Kelly, Samuel T. McClung, G. Fowler Border, Joseph N. Powers, George E. Gavin, Charles W. Hibbitt, and Linn L. Kennedy (all of whom became members of Alpha of the Southern Fraternity; now Alpha Alpha) for the purpose of organizing a fraternity."

December 29, 1894, D. A. Garrison, O. K. Harris, E. Rea Norris and A. P. Campbell were admitted and elected to become charter members.  Kennedy resigned as secretary and was succeeded by Chapman.  The constitution in use was repealed and a new one adopted.  This later draft was presented by Powers, Hibbitt, Harris, Gavin and Garrison.  February 3, 1895, the first official photograph was taken and reproduced in the Courier-Journal with an article concerning the new fraternity.  In 1895, the follow members were constituted the Phi Chi Medical Fraternity:

CAMPBELL, ARCHIBALD P., Richland Center, Wis.
            CHAPMAN, THOMAS SHELBY, McAlester, Okla.
            GARRISON, DAVID A., Gastonia, N.C.
            GAVIN, GEORGE E., Mobile, Ala.
            GOSSETT, WALKER BOURNE, Louisville, KY.
            GRAY, CAREY A., Bonham, Texas
            HARRIS, OLIVER K., Ellettsville, Ind.
            HIBBITT, CHARLES W., Louisville, Ky.
            (The only founder to become a member of the Grand Chapter.)
IRELAND, R. LINDSAY, Louisville, Ky.
            KELLY, A. HARRIS, Louisville, Ky.
            KENNEDY, LINN L., Louisville, Ky.
            MCCLUNG, S. T., Louisville, Ky.
            NORRIS, E. REA, Fossil Ore.
            POWERS, JOSEPH NELLEY, Jackson, Miss.
            SHACKLETT, HENRY B., New Albany, Ind.
            WEDDING, E. VICTOR, Kansas City, Mo.

Alpha (Southern), Louisville, Kentucky, 1895.

The growth of Phi Chi is a great monument to the spirit that urged the original group to unite and form a medical fraternity in a city where little was known of such societies.  The first members of the Southern Fraternity consisted of the previously mentioned as well as Carey A. Gray and Walker B. Gossett.

On November 5, 1894, a committee was appointed to draft a constitution and not until November 17, was the first officers elected: Presiding Senior, McClung; Presiding Junior, Gossett; Secretary, Kennedy, and Powers, Treasurer (Judge Advocate and the minor officers had not been provided for).  Wedding, Chapman and Shacklett were elected to membership and included with Gossett and Gray in the charter listing of members.  The First Regular Meeting was held on Saturday, December 8, 1894.  On December 29, 1894, D.A. Garrison, O. K. Harris, E. Rea Norris and A.P. Campbell were to complete the charter members.

Beta and Gamma chapters are installed in December 1896.

On February 26, 1897, the first Grand Chapter Convention of Southern Phi Chi Chapters (A, B, Γ, Δ) is called; this date later becomes Founder’s Day.

In 1898 Phi Chi expands out of the Louisville, KY.

The first volume of The Phi Chi Quarterly, the name of the official fraternal publication, is published on April 1, 1904 (the name is changed to the Phi Chi Chronicles in 1989).


Chapter of Phi Chi Medical Fraternity before the merger with Phi Chi Society

Α Louisville Medical College (1894-1908) Became AΔ in 1908
Β   Kentucky School of Medicine (1896-1909) Absorbed by University of Louisville in 1909
Γ University of Louisville (1896-1907) Became ΓE in 1907
Δ Hospital College of Medicine (1897-1908) Combined with Louisville Medical College, 1908
Θ University College of Medicine, Richmond (1899-1913) Merged with H to form ΘH
Ε Kentucky University Medical Department (1900-1907) Absorbed by University of Louisville, 1907
Η Medical College of Virginia (1902-1913) Combined with Θ to form ΘH
Κ Georgetown University School of Medicine, Washington DC (1902-1971)  
Ο Tulane University of Louisiana School of Medicine, New Orleans (1902-Present)  
Μ Purdue University School of Medicine, Indianapolis (1903-1975) Merged with AM, 1917
School Re-Organized 1975
Ν University of Alabama School of Medicine, Tuscaloosa (1903-1913) Became Postgraduate Department of the University of Alabama, 1913, Merged with I
Ζ University of Texas Medical Branch School of Medicine, Galveston (1903-Present)  
Χ Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia (1903-Present)
Pi Mu Inactive Chapter Gained:
Θ Jefferson Medical College 1908-1915  
Ι University of Alabama School of Medicine, Birmingham (1904-1963) Merged with N, 1913
Φ George Washington University School of Medical  Health Sciences, Washington DC (1904-1978)  
Λ University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, Pittsburgh (1905-1912)  
Σ College of Physicians & Surgeons, Atlanta (1905-1973) Now is Emory University School of Medicine
Combined with Y, 1917
Merged with Atlanta Medical College, 1910
Π Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, Nashville (1905-1976)
Pi Mu Chapter Gained:
Λ Vanderbilt University 1910-1922 Joined Π of Phi Chi

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