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Phi Alpha Gamma Medical Fraternity, ΦAΓ, was founded at the New York Homeopathic Medical College, March 25, 1894, by Thomas D. Buchanan, Thomas F. Davies, Edmund M. De Vol, Robert M. Jones, Brooks DeF. Worwood, Arthur B. Smith and Harry S. Willard. Beta chapter was founded at the Boston University School of Medicine, November 26, 1896. In January, delegates from these chapters met delegates from a similar society called KT, which had been established the month before at the Hahnemann Medical College of Philadelphia, and the societies were joined under the name of ΦAΓ. The Minnesota and Iowa chapters were formed from the two chapters of a fraternity called ΠKT, established with the view of confining it to homeopathic schools of medicine.

ΦAΓ had active chapters in New York (Alpha) and Philadelphia (Gamma) in 1947.  Preliminary details of amalgamation between Phi Alpha Gamma and Phi Chi Medical Fraternity had been worked out by Dr. Albert Saunders of Phi Chi and these the Phi Chi National Convention of 1947 approved with instructions to the Executive Trustees to complete the merger.

The Phi Alpha Gamma merger was completed on February 21, 1948, when Phi Alpha of Phi Chi at New York Medical College and Phi Alpha Gamma at Hahnemann Medical College in Philadelphia were installed.  At the annual Founders' Day Banquet of the Phi Chi Alumni Association in New York, with members from Alpha Mu, Rho Delta and Upsilon sigma attending, 48 charter members of Phi Alpha were initiated by Dr. Jacob E. Reisch.  At that same time, seven members of the then existing Gamma chapter of Phi Alpha Gamma traveled to New York to be initiated into Phi Chi.  This event ceremonially completed the merger of Phi Alpha Gamma and Phi Chi, which had been agreed upon by the official bodies of each Fraternity.

Chapter Location Dates  
A New York Homeopathic Medical College 1894-1948 Became Phi Alpha of Phi Chi
B Boston University School of Medicine 1896-1921 Became Beta Upsilon of Phi Chi
Γ Hahnemann Medical College of Philadelphia 1897-1948 Became Phi Alpha Gamma of Phi Chi
Δ University of Minnesota 1897-1909 School Closed
E University of Iowa 1897-1900 School Closed
ZΘ Ohio State University 1897-1922 School Closed
H Chicago Homeopathic Medical College 1897-1900 United with Λ 1900
Θ Pulte Medical College of Cincinnati 1899-1901 Charter revoked
I Homeopathic Medical College of Missouri 1899-1909 School Closed
K University of Michigan 1900-1922 School merged with U of M Medical School
HΛ Hahnemann Medical College of Chicago 1900-1918 School Closed
M Hahnemann Medical College of the Pacific 1906-1915 School merged with U of Cali Medical School
IN Kansas City Hahnemann Medical College 1906-1916 School Closed

The Phi Alpha Gamma Quarterly- annual publication begun in 1902

The badge of the fraternity is a middle phalanx of the little finger of a human hand, mounted in gold, with the letters ΦAΓ in gold upon a field of black enamel. The color of the fraternity is violet, and its flower is the violet.

Phi Alpha Gamma member achievements:

Buchanan T. Drysdale A 1897 -Vice-President of the Homeopathic Medical Society of the State of New York
-First President of American Board of Anesthesiology and awarded Certificate #1
Cowell Joseph Harris K 1871 -1903-1905 President of Michigan State Board of Registration in Medicine
Leek Clifford C. Δ 1900 -President of Mower County Medical Society

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