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Emeritus Trustees

During the XLIII Grand Chapter meeting in 1986 at Century House, the home of Grand Presiding Senior Daniel H. Cannon in New Albany, Ind, the position of Emeritus Trustee was created. According to Article IV, Section 6, the Emeritus Trustees shall compose of former Executive Trustees in good standing, that have been elevated to Emeritus status by resolution of the Grand Chapter. The Emeritus Trustees would be asked to attend all meeting of the Executive Trustees and the Grand Chapter; would have the privilege of the floor; may not hold office or vote; may perform such duties as may be assigned by the Executive Trustees.

Executive Trustees include the position of:
Present Offices
Grand Secretary-Treasurer
Grand Presiding Senior
Grand Presiding Junior
Past Offices
Grand Secretary
Grand Treasurer

List of Emeritus Trustees include:

Appointed Name Chapter Initiated Grand Chapter Offices Held
1986 Rudolf F. Sievers, MD, Ph.D. Upsilon Nu 1939 GPS 1955-1957, 1964-1969, 1973-1977;
GPJ 1953-1955; GST 1981-1986
1987 Arthur H. Keeney, MD Alpha Alpha 1945 MXT 1981-1987; Editor-in-Chief 1987
2006 Vernon G. Ward, MD Upsilon Nu 1954 GST 1986-2005
2013 Daniel H. Cannon, MD Alpha Alpha 1946 CXT 1987-2008; GPS 1981-1986;
Editor-in-Chief 1987-2013

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