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Daniel H. Cannon

Alpha Alpha, 1946

Dr. Cannon a Family Medicine physician of New Albany, Indiana, returned to Phi Chi after being away for almost 30 years as delegate of the Alpha Alpha Alumni Association. He was elected Grand Presiding Senior in 1981 during the XLII Grand Chapter, a position he held until being elected Chairman of the Executive Trustees from 1987 to 2008, after the passing of Dr. Reisch. He also held the position of Editor-in-Chief from 1987 until his passing in 2013. Dr. Cannon shared his home with Phi Chi, making it the National Fraternity's office. He was also instrumental in the restarting of Alpha Alpha chapter at the University of Louisville in 1982. The Daniel H. Cannon, MD, Leadership Award is a scholarship that was established in his name to assist those attending the Grand Chapter meeting. Dr. Cannon oversaw the creation of the Emeritus Trustee position, the Rudy F. Seivers, Authors and T. B. Pearson, MD, Awards, the creation or rechartering of nine active chapters, including the first Caribbean and European Chapters and four alumni associations. Finally, Dr. Cannon helped oversee the creation of the Jacob E. Reisch, MD, Memorial Fund to provide financial stability for the fraternity. Dr. Cannon was elected Emeritus Trustee in 2013.

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