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The list of achievements of Phi Chi members is long and impressive ranging from appointments and elections to positions of national importance to local medical boards as well as awards received in as diverse a group. If you or a fellow member of Phi Chi has ever been the recipient of an award or recognition, held a position of national or international interest, founded a widely recognized company or been a part of a discovery that helped shape the world of science and medicine, please email the and we will be more than happy to include you in our records.

Last Name First Name Chapter/Year Achievements
Blum Ronald X 1970 -Board member of MAFP
-Board of New England College of Occupational & Environmental Medicine
-Board of AAFP Commission on the Health of the Public
Ellis George, Jr. O 1977 -2006 President Southern Medical Association
-2003 President American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus
Foley Kevin EB 1970 -Merk Manual Award for Academic Achievement
-Army Commendation Medal
-Meritorious Service Medal with 2 Oak Leaf Clusters
-Order of Military Medical Merit
-Surgeon General's Physician Recognition Award
-Chief of Neurosurgery at Tripler Army Medical Center and Walter Reed Army Medical Center
-Director of Neurosurgical Residency Training Program
Handorf Charles R. AB 1977 -2006 President Tennessee Medical Association
-President Duckworth Pathology Group
-President Memphis Medical Society
-President Memphis Society of Pathologist
Hesselink John R. TB 1971 -Vice-chair of Clinical and Academic Affairs and Chief of Neuroradiology UCSD Department of Radiology
-Secretary of American Society of Neuroradiology
-Treasurer, Vice-president and President of Western Neuroradiological Society
-Chairman, Local Arrangements Committee, American Society of Neuroradiology, 1985-1986
-Chairman of the Rules Committee, Western Neuroradiological Society, 1992
-2000 Chairman Nominating Committee, American Society of Neuroradiology
-2001 Chairman Membership Committee, American Society of Neuroradiology
-Program Chairman, Western Neuroradiological Society, 1998
-President, Western Neuroradiological Society, 1999
-2004 Chairman Rules Committee, American Society of Neuroradiology
-Program Director, Radiology Grand Rounds, UCSD Medical Center
Hoelzer David ΦP 1979 -Medical Director Springfield Clinic
Leighton Ross NΣ 1979 -2007 Roger A Mann Award- American Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society
-President Doctors Nova Scotia
-President of the Canadian Orthopedic Trauma Society
Lindstrom Richard KX 1973 -Eye Bank Association of America Award named in his honor
-2007 President of the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery
-President of the International Society of Refractive Surgery
-President International Intraocular Implant Club
-President International Refractive Surgery Club
-Chairman and CEO of Lindstrom Cleaning and Construction
-Board of Director of Acufocus Inc.
-Board of Director of TLC vision
-Board of Director of Occulogix
-Board of Director of Eyeonics
-Board of Director of Refractec
-Board of Director of Minnesota Medical Foundation
-Board of Director of Inner City Tennis
-First Lifetime Achievement Award from International Society of Refractive Surgery 1995 and 2002
-Bauch and Lomb Lifetime Achievement Award 2005
Palmer Edmund, Jr. AB 1975 -President 2008 Consolidated Medical Assembly of West Tennessee, Tennessee Medical  Association
-2009 TMA board member
Sloan David BM 1977 -1972-1974 McConnell Scholarship, McGill University
-1981 First Prize, Davis & Geck MeGill University Surgical Research Award
-1981 Fraser Gurd Award for Surgical Research, The Montreal General Hospital
-1982 Society of Surgical Oncology Resident/Fellow Award for Experimental Research
-1991-1995, 2007 University of Kentucky Department of Surgery Excellence in Medical Education Award
-1994 University of Kentucky Faculty of Medicine Master Teacher Award (Awarded in the
following 4 categories: Teaching, Educational Leadership, Educational Development and
Innovation, Educational Evaluation)
-1995 University of Kentucky Faculty of Medicine Master Teacher Award (Awarded in the
category of Faculty Development to complete all 5 categories of the Master Teacher
-1997, 2007 University of Kentucky Ward O. Griffen General Surgery Faculty Award for Best Resident Teacher
-2000 President of the Kentucky Chapter of the American College of Surgeons
David Sloan, M.D.
-2000-2008 Woodward and White’s ‘Best Doctors in America’
-2003 Joint winner of American Cancer Society Trish Greene Quality of Life Best Manuscript Award
-2006 Gordon L. Hyde Award for General Surgery Resident Teaching
-2008 Warren H. Proudfoot Professor in Surgical Oncology
-2000-2001 President, The Kentucky Chapter of the American College of Surgeon
Watridge Clarence AB 1975 -President Memphis Medical Society
-Chief of Staff and VP, Semmes-Murphey Neurologic & Spine Institute

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