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The list of achievements of Phi Chi members is long and impressive ranging from appointments and elections to positions of national importance to local medical boards as well as awards received in as diverse a group. If you or a fellow member of Phi Chi has ever been the recipient of an award or recognition, held a position of national or international interest, founded a widely recognized company or been a part of a discovery that helped shape the world of science and medicine, please email the and we will be more than happy to include you in our records.

Last Name First Name Chapter/Year Achievements
Alford Thomas Dale ΛP 1939 -86th and 87th US Congress Representative for Arkansas
-Keynote speaker for US at the 51st Inter-Parliamentary Conference in Brasilia, Brazil 1962, Appointed by President John F. Kennedy
-Appointed General Wesley Clark as West Point Cadet, Head of NATO Forces
Annis Edward EX 1938 -117th President AMA 1963
-Member of AMA Speaker's Bureau
-President World Medical Association 1963
-Chief of Surgery and Mercy Hospital, Miami, FL
-Dr. Ed Annis Scholarship Fund of the Florida Medical Association named in his honor
-Appeared at Madison Square Gardens on live tv 1962 opposing the King Anderson Bill
-Director of the Chamber of Commerce of the United States 1969-75
-Brotherhood Award from National Council of Christians and Jews
-One of 2 US physicians honored to be included in "Caring Physicians of the World" 2005
-Chairman of the Legislative Committee for the Florida Medical Association
-Member of the advisory committee for Cleveland Clinics
-Debated and spoke with President John F. Kennedy, and Senators Humphrey, McNamara, Proxmire, Javits, and Gore
Ashton Paul ΠΔΦ 1936 -Major US Army
-Chief of Surgery, Hospital Number One, Bataan WW2 12th Medical Regiment, Philippine Scouts during World War II
-Bronze Star with 1 gold star for volunteering to treat POWs at a work camp
1 Purple Heart
-POW 3 years
-Chief of Surgery at St Francis Hospital
-Founded Tri-Counties Blood Bank in 1950 and 1st president
-Established Goleta Valley Community Hospital and 1st administrator
-Established Heart-Lung Institute at GVCH
Greene Clyde C., Jr. K 1937 -Secretary-Treasurer, Editor, Historian and 1969-1970 ACP-ASIM president
-Corporate Medical Director for Pacific Bell 1957-1983
-Distinguished Alumni Award Wake Forest University
Heaver Lynwood YΣ 1937 -Director of the National Hospital for Speech Disorders
Howell J.B. Ξ 1939 -1979 President American Dermatological Association
-1987 Master in Dermatology Award
-First Gold Triangular Award American Academy of Dermatology
Kidd Frank H. Ξ 1937 -President Dallas Southern Clinical Society
-Frank H. Kidd, Jr. visiting professorship
Kitchen D. K. ΛP 1932 -Medical Director Bristol Laboratories
Lombardi Louis E. ΦP 1932 -Board of Regents 1951-1980, University of Nevada, Reno
-Executive Committee University of Nevada 1951-1956, Vice-chairman Board of Regents
McDonald C. J. NΣ 1936 -2004 Homer Warner Award
-2004 Morris Collen Award
-2002, 1997 Leadership Award- AMIA
Steichen Edward F. P 1931 -Kansas Legislator 1967-1974
-New Almelo Council Knights of Columbus First Trustee/Charter Member 1948
Theroit J. Roy O 1930 -Founding Charter Member Of The Houston Surgical Society
-Performed The First Successful Cardiovascular Resuscitation In Southern California
-Founding Charter Member Of The Beverly Hills Surgical Society
-One of the Attending Physicians To Gov. Huey P. Long After His Assassination
-The Bronze Star
-The Croix De Guerre By French Gen. Charles De Gaulle For Participating In The Liberation Of France
West William B. X 1932 -1965-66 President Pennsylvania Medical Society

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