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The list of achievements of Phi Chi members is long and impressive ranging from appointments and elections to positions of national importance to local medical boards as well as awards received in as diverse a group. If you or a fellow member of Phi Chi has ever been the recipient of an award or recognition, held a position of national or international interest, founded a widely recognized company or been a part of a discovery that helped shape the world of science and medicine, please email the and we will be more than happy to include you in our records.

Last Name First Name Chapter/Year Achievements
Claussen John R. T 1913 -President South Carolina Public Health Association 1950
Duncan Ralph E. ΦΣ 1914 -President Missouri Public Health Association 1955
Flowers Charles E. ΘΗ 1913 -President 1986-87 Society of Gynecologic Surgeons
Gentzkow Cleon J. Φ 1912 -US Army commanding officer, Deshon General Hospital
-Chief of division of chemistry and physics, Army Medical School
Logie A. J. TY 1917 -Director of Tuberculosis, State Board of Health Florida 1939
Ravdin Isadore S. M 1918 -1945 John Rhea Barton Professor of Surgery
-Director of the Harrison Department of Surgical Research, University of Pennsylvania 1928
-1945 Chief of Surgery at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
-Brigadier General of the 20th General Hospital (located on the China-Burma-India theatre during World War II)
-George L. Harrison Professor of Surgery in the Harrison Department of Surgery from 1935 to 1944
-1956 retired as a Major General in the Medical Corps, the first person on non-active military service appointed Major General
-Senior Civilian Consultant to the Surgeon General and United States Army
-Member of the Armed forces Medical Policy Council, Department of Defense, Health and Medical and was involved with the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology
-Legion of Merit and the First Oak Leaf Cluster to the Legion of Merit
-Chairmanship of the Consultants Committee to the Second Army
-Presidency of the Advisory Committee to the Surgeon General of Reserve Affairs
-National Institutes of Health, Chairman of the Clinical Studies Panel of the Cancer Chemotherapy National Service Center
-Civilian Consultant brought to the White House to treat President Eisenhower participating in Eisenhower's emergency operation for ileitis
-American College of Surgeons Board of Governors, the Board of Regents and Chairman of the Board or Regents, and President of the College 1960-1961
-American Cancer Society President 1962-1963
-1957 Philadelphia Award Recipient
Roberts John W. Ξ 1910 -Secretary Texas Surgical Society
Worrell Churchill F. BΔ 1917 -Member American Siberian Expedition
-President Miami County Medical Society
-Commander American Legion
-Chairman Civilian Military Training Camp

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