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The list of achievements of Phi Chi members is long and impressive ranging from appointments and elections to positions of national importance to local medical boards as well as awards received in as diverse a group. If you or a fellow member of Phi Chi has ever been the recipient of an award or recognition, held a position of national or international interest, founded a widely recognized company or been a part of a discovery that helped shape the world of science and medicine, please email the and we will be more than happy to include you in our records.

Last Name First Name Chapter/Year Achievements
Blair John Robin ΘH 1908 -Vice-President of Richmond Academy of Medicine and Surgery
-President of Churchill Medical Society
-President American Medical Association
Briggs Gray C. ΛΣ 1909 -Founded the Western Roentgen Society which became the Radiological Society of North America
Carr Robert Patrick AA 1904 -Master of Suthers Lodge No 259 Ancient Free and Accepted Masons
-Commander of Cyrene Commandery No 21, Knights Templar
Ennis Harry H. AA 1909 -President Iowa Public Health Association 1941
Henry Alfred M 1906 -Marion County (Indianapolis) Tuberculosis Association first President
-President Mississippi Valley Conference on Tuberculosis
-1917 President of Indiana Tuberculosis Association
-1931 President National Tuberculosis Association
Hutcheson James Morris ΘH 1909 -Chief of Medical Service and Commanding officer of Base Hospital No. 60 during WWI
Kostmayer Hiram W. O 1909 -1942-1945 Dean Tulane School of Medicine
-1949 Honorary Doctor of Laws, Tulane
-Outstanding alumni award 1977, Tulane
-President Orleans Parish Medical Society 1923-24
-Dean Post-graduate School of Medicine 1933-37, Tulane
Leek Clifford C. 1900 -Delta of Phi Alpha Gamma
-President of Mower County Medical Society
Pope Thomas Harrington Θ 1908 -President Newberry County Medical Society 1918-19
-President of the District Medical Society 1933
-Board of Trustees of State Medical College, Charleston SC 1924-28
Stone Lee A. AA 1902 -Madera County California County Health Officer 1935
Williams Lester J. O 1904 -Mayor Melville, Louisiana
-President Baton Rouge Parish Medical Society
-1924 President Louisiana State Medical Society
Willis A. Murat ΘH 1904 -Beta of Pi Mu
-President and founder of Johnston-Willis Hospital, Virginia
-President of the Richmond Academy of Medicine

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