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The list of achievements of Phi Chi members is long and impressive ranging from appointments and elections to positions of national importance to local medical boards as well as awards received in as diverse a group. If you or a fellow member of Phi Chi has ever been the recipient of an award or recognition, held a position of national or international interest, founded a widely recognized company or been a part of a discovery that helped shape the world of science and medicine, please email the and we will be more than happy to include you in our records.

Last Name First Name Chapter/Year Achievements
Abell Irvin AA 1897 -President AMA 1938
-President American College of Surgeons 1946-1947
-President Southeastern Surgical Association 1933
-President American Gastroenterological Association 1939-1940
-President Association of Military Surgeons of the United States 1944-1945
-President Kentucky State Medical Association 1927
-Headed the National Committee that consulted the Department of Defense in World War II on matters of Public Health
Buchanan T. Drysdale ΦA 1897 -Founder of Alpha of Phi Alpha Gamma
-Vice-President of the Homeopathic Medical Society of the State of New York
-First President of American Board of Anesthesiology and awarded Certificate #1
Cowell Joseph Harris Ψ 1871 -Kappa of Phi Alpha Gamma
-1903-1905 President of Michigan State Board of Registration in Medicine
Howle Paul Williamson ΘH 1898 -Gamma of Pi Mu
-President of Richmond Surgical Society
Henson James William ΘH 1889 -Chair of Principle of Surgery, MCV
-Surgeon First Battalion of Artillery, Virginia Volunteers
McGuire Stuart ΘH 1891 -Beta of Pi Mu
-1905-1914 President of the University College of Medicine
-1914-1925 President of Medical College of Virginia
-Member of the House of Delegates of AMA
-Chief Surgeon of the Medical College of Virginia Unit in France 1918
-American Distinguished Service Medal- WWI
-French Medaille d'Honneur- WWI
-President of Richmond Academy of Medicine
-President of Richmond Surgical Society
-President of Medical Society of Virginia
-President Tri-State Medical Association of Virginia and the Carolinas
-President of Southern Surgical and Gynecological Association
-President of the Southern Medical Association
-Author of Principle of Surgery Published 1908
Taliaferro Edward Carrington Stanard ΘH 1898 -Beta of Pi Mu
-President of the Staff of St. Vincent's Hospital
-President of Norfolk County Medical Society
-President of Scabord Medical Society
-1921-22 President of Virginia State Medical Society

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