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SIGMA 1918

Dr. Saunders was born in Arcadia, Florida April 24, 1895.

Dr. Saunders graduated from the Valdosta High School with honors.  His education was interrupted to serve 18 months in the United State Army, Medical Corps, and then was transferred back to the medical school to complete his work on an M.D. degree due to the severe shortage of doctors in the services.

While a student at Emory University he became a member of the Phi Chi Medical Fraternity and made a special project of the growth and expansion of Phi Chi. While servings as Grand Presiding Senior in 1932, he has named Grand Secretary-Treasurer at the death of Dr. T. B. Pearson.

He initiated and organized 18 chapters and supervised the growth of the Fraternity from 8000 to over 50,000 members, making it the largest medical fraternity in the United States.

Dr. Saunders financed the purchase of the chapter house at the Medical School of the University of Georgia.  He made a contribution to Emory for the erection of a dormitory in memory of his father, and this hall was used as headquarters for the Phi Chi chapter at Emory.

Dr. Saunders set up his private practice in Valdosta, Georgia in 1927.  The Central Office was moved Valdosta, Georgia in 1932 where it remained until 6 years after his death.

In honor of Dr. Saunders' commitment to the growth of the National Fraternity, the Albert B. Saunders Award has been established by the 64th Grand Chapter to be awarded to a member that helps to establish or re-establish a chapter.

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