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Dr. Reisch was initiated into Upsilon Iota Chapter, at the University of Illinois in 1924.  He was elected assistant Grand Secretary in 1925.  From 1926 through 1935, he served as Junior Associate Editor of the Phi Chi Quarterly.  He became Senior Associate Editor in 1935, and a member of the Executive Trustees.  From 1940 through 1947, he also served as the Grand Presiding Senior.  In 1948, he was named Editor-in-Chief of the Quarterly and Chairman of the Executive Trustees, posts he held for 39 years.  He also became President of the Phi Chi Welfare Association in 1950 and continued in that Office until his death.  He was a member of the Executive Trustees for 51 years.

Dr. Reisch had many and varied interests.  Not only did he establish the Phi Chi Press, he wrote and printed many of the pamphlets, brochures office supplies, forms that are presently used.

Dr. Reach developed and built a portable initiation setup and appeared many times at various chapters for Initiations.

Dr. Reisch died unexpectedly, just three weeks after the 43rd Chard Chapter meet in which he was an active participant.

In 1988, the Executive Trustees established the Jacob E. Reisch, MD, Memorial Fund.  Contributions to this fun have been invested and only the interest may be used for expenses to maintain the Phi Chi Medical Fraternity, Inc.  The principal is to remain in investments to give perpetual support to the Fraternity.  A framable calligraphised certificate is given to each contributor of $100.00 or more.

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