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There is no way to number the members of the Phi Chi Medical Fraternity who have contributed immeasurably to its growth and support.

All our brothers support the Fraternity but after graduation, many of these seem to lose interest.  Some, however, continue their support and a few unselfishly devote many, many hours of personal sacrifice and labor in behalf of Phi Chi.

It is impossible for me, since I have been associated for such a brief time with the National Fraternity, to identify the hundreds of these devoted brethren.  There are a few whose unselfish devotion has been far and above the call of duty.  These gentlemen and brothers are now in the Chapter Eternal and I feel sure that were it not for them, Phi Chi would not have celebrated its 100th birthday.

It is fitting, therefore, that in this Centennial issue of the History we pay honor to these seven men whose contribution to our Fraternity has been unparalleled.  To the foresight and wisdom of these brethren, the Fraternity owes a debt that cannot be repaid.  We can further their ideals and concepts of their beloved Fraternity by giving of our time and contributions to enable us to continue to offer Ph Chi fraternalism to the medical students of today.

Irvin Abell, AM, MD, RACS
Alpha Alpha 1897
Theodore B. Pearson, MD
Alpha Alpha 1903
Albert F. Saunders, MD
Sigma 1918
Michael J. Carey, MD
Phi Rho 1921
Eben J. Carey, AM, MD, FACS
Pi Delta Phi 1923
Jacob E. Reisch, MD
Upsilon Iota 1928
Rudolf F. Sievers, MD, Ph.D
Upsilon Nu 1939

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