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Chi Chapter House Fire

Update on the Chi Chapter House

                                                                                                                        March 30, 2013

Chi chapter has had a very tumultuous recent history but is now in a position where there is great hope for the future. In a tragic fire in 2008, the Chi Chapter house on 1025 Spruce Street in Philadelphia was damaged beyond repair. In the following years, there were legal hurdles, but eventually funds were obtained from the insurance company to attempt to recreate the former glory that was 1025 Spruce Street. After creating an Alumni Chapter of Chi Chapter, we were able to plan out construction which eventually began in February 2012. Unfortunately, costs far exceeded those predicted and construction was halted in October 2012, with $500,000 worth of work remaining. In order to get the house completed, Chi Chapter needed to take out a mortgage, which was finalized in March 2013. This mortgage was absolutely necessary to complete the house, but the future payments will require a substantial increase in brothers’ rents.

Soon after mortgage finalizing, construction has been restarted with an expected finish date on or before August 2013. The brothers at Chi Chapter could not be more excited to have their house back and be able to continue the great traditions all Phi Chis take pride in. We are able to continue to offer affordable student housing and learning resources for all brothers; however, even the mortgage will be unable to cover the cost of a completed basement and many of the amenities once enjoyed by Phi Chis. Our goals for the future of the house include finishing the basement, obtaining a second washer and dryer, paying back all legal fees and loans, and working to keep rent as low as possible for future generations. I know all Phi Chis look back on their time in this great fraternity with pride and we strive to do our best to enhance this legacy. Our goal is to create the opportunities and memories for our current and future brothers that will allow them to become not only great doctors, but great leaders. While the walls may be new, with your continued support and love, the Phi Chi tradition of excellence continues on.

Any and all donations are much appreciated, and we hope all Phi Chis can join us in celebrating the reopening of our house. Donations are accepted through our PayPal account at or mailed to our temporary address at 1129 Rodman St, Philadelphia, PA 19147.


Cory D. Bovenzi

Current Chi Chapter President
Jefferson Medical College Class of 2016

For the latest information on the fire please visit the Chi Chapter's website.

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Before the fire

After the fire

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