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(a) All Chapters shall report annually, in December, to the Central office of The Phi Chi Medical Fraternity, Inc.  Such report shall contain the names and addresses of all members; a list of officers, and their telephone numbers; a brief financial report and such other information as the Executive Trustees may deem necessary or desirable.  The Central Office will provide the form for this report (Alumni Form A) 

SECTION 2: Each Alumni Chapter shall annually register with the Central Office with Form A.


(a) All Alumni Chapters will enact a Constitution and By-Laws, a copy of which, as well as all amendments shall be forwarded to the Central Office.

(b) A copy of the Articles of Incorporation, should the Alumni Chapter Incorporate, shall also be filed in the Central Office.

(c) The Articles of Incorporation, or the Constitution, must contain an appropriate section for the proper disposal of assets should the Chapter cease to exist.

(d) A statement acknowledging the fact that the Chapter is a component Chapter of The Phi Chi Medical Fraternity, Inc., and that it will always function under the Constitution and Statutes of that Fraternity must be a part of the Constitution of the Alumni Chapter.


(a) In all cases, the Alumni Chapter shall conform to all applicable Articles of the Constitution and all Statutes in the same manner as active chapters.

(b) An Alumni Chapter may be declared delinquent by the Executive Trustees if said Chapter fails to conform to the Constitution and Statutes of The Phi Chi Medical Fraternity, Inc.

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