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(a) Each active chapter shall adopt a set of By-Laws for their local government under the following headings: (I) Meetings; (II) Officers; (III) Standing Committees; (IV) Finances; (V) Fines and Penalties; (VI) Chapter House; (VII) Rules of Order; (VIII) Social and Special Functions; (IX) Amendments; (X) Rules of Conduct.

(b) New or reactivated chapters shall not be permitted to function under the guarantees of this Constitution and Statutes for a period of longer than ninety (90) days without the adoption of By-Laws.

(c) The Executive Trustees shall have the power to revoke the charter of any chapter for failure to comply with this requirement.


(a) The chapter Secretary shall be the chapter's chief executive officer for its liaison with the National Fraternity and the extra-fraternity world.  Intra-organizationally, the Secretary shall be responsible for the completion and transmittal of all standard forms to the proper offices of the Fraternity on or before their due dates; for all other reports required by this Constitution and Statutes, the Grand Chapter, the Grand Secretary-Treasurer and the Executive Trustees, and for the transmittal of all Registration Fees received from the chapter Treasurer.

(b) The Secretary shall communicate with the extra-fraternity world in the name of the chapter as may be necessary to effect its decisions and directives.

(c) The Secretary shall submit to the Central Office of the Fraternity twice each year, no later than thirty (30) days after the start of each semester (or every second quarter), a listing of the names of all members of the chapter, indicating whether each individual is a freshman, sophomore, junior or senior, whether married or not, and whether they live in or out of the house.


(a) A delegate and alternate delegate will be chosen in accordance to the Statues governing the Grand Chapter.

(b) None but active members of a chapter shall represent it in the Grand Chapter meeting.


(a) Active and alumni chapters shall be held responsible for the collection of Registration Fees or other revenues, if any, from their members when due, as has been herein provided.

(b) Chapters shall be empowered to suspend any member who shall fail to pay Registration Fees as has been herein required and, should the indebtedness extend for a period longer than a collegiate year, the chapter shall prefer charges against the member for expulsion.


(a) Each chapter shall hold regular meetings at least once each month (or more frequently as may be provided in the By-Laws) during the collegiate year.  For sufficient reason, the Presiding Senior of the chapter may postpone any regular meeting to a time not exceeding two weeks from the scheduled date of a regular meeting.  The Secretary shall notify all active members as to when the postponed meeting will be held.

(b) Meetings of the chapter shall be held as "closed session," guarded by the Sentinel within, but "open sessions" may be held on Memorial Day and Founders' Day.

(c) All chapter business meetings shall be conducted according to parliamentary procedure, according to Robertís Rules of Order.

(d) A quorum for any chapter meeting shall consist of a majority of the active members.

(e)  A majority of those present at any regular chapter meeting shall be sufficient to determine the attitude or decision of the chapter in any case where the Constitution and Statutes of the Fraternity does not require a greater majority, as in cases of suspension, expulsion and adoption/revision of chapter By-Laws.       


(a) The order of procedure of chapter Meetings shall be as follows:

Call to Order -- Opening Ceremony (if used)
Roll Call
Reading and Adoption of Minutes of Last Meeting
Reports of Officers
Reports of Committees
Reading of Correspondence
   (a) From the Central or other Offices of the Fraternity
   (b) From other sources
Unfinished Business
New Business
Proposals for Membership
Elections to Membership
Election and Installation of Officers
Adjournment -- Closing Ceremony (if used) 

(b) The order of business may be changed by a majority vote of the entire active membership.

(c) No chapter business shall be conducted at meetings held for initiation.


(a) The chapters of the Fraternity shall not become incorporated as chapters, since they are a component of the National Fraternity, which is incorporated.  However, an alumni association connected with a chapter may become incorporated under local state laws for the purpose of owning property or the management of funds for the benefit of the chapter, provided the incorporated name of the National Fraternity shall not be used as the legal name of the corporation.

(b) Property, paraphernalia or net assets held by or in the name of the chapter or the National Fraternity shall automatically revert to the National Fraternity without any judicial procedure whenever a chapter ceases to be a part of the National Fraternity either by expulsion or by voluntary liquidation.

(c) Chapters shall be subject to official reprimand by the Executive Trustees for failure to comply with, reply to or provide reports as may be officially requested by the Central Office or Trustees.

(1) Chapters persistently negligent in submitting official reports and/or forms to the Grand Secretary-Treasurer or the Chairperson of the Executive Trustees on or by established or designated due dates shall be considered delinquent in National participation and shall be so informed by the Grand Secretary-Treasurer.

(2) Failure to respond to official communications shall be considered adequate cause for such action as may be deemed proper by the Executive Trustees.  If, after three (3) official notifications to the Presiding Senior, the Secretary and the academic or alumni advisor, if any, the negligence has not been corrected, suspension or expulsion of the chapter may be recommended by the Executive Trustees.

SECTION 8: Active chapters may observe Phi Chi Memorial Day by conducting memorial services in open session.  The chapters shall require their active members, as hereinbefore provided, to wear the traditional token of remembrance for those members of the Fraternity who have entered the Chapter Eternal.

SECTION 9: Active chapters shall observe February 26 of each year as Founders Day by an official banquet to which all their members, active and alumni, shall be urged to attend.  The program and proceedings of this official occasion shall be under the complete control of the chapter.

SECTION 10: Associate members initiated by a chapter shall be urged to become subscribers to the Phi Chi CHRONICLES (in the same manner as active student members) when their membership is reported to the Fraternity's Central Office.

SECTION 11: All initiates will have the option to purchase an official Phi Chi badge.  Each chapter can stipulate this membership requirement in its By-Laws and can include in its chapter initiation fee an amount sufficient for the purchase of an official standard Phi Chi badge.

SECTION 12: In order to be "active" a chapter must have at least five (5) members in good standing (i.e., paid their Registration Fee and have been properly reported to the Central Office.) 

SECTION 13: A chapter is delinquent and no longer in good standing if there are less than five (5) members in good standing, if the reports to the Central Office are in arrears, or if the chapter is found to be non-compliant with the Constitution and Statutes of The Phi Chi Medical Fraternity, Inc., by the Executive Trustees.


(a) Substances commonly known as drugs, including alcohol and other intoxicants, which are illegal, and paraphernalia for the purpose of using these drugs are forbidden on any property used by any Chapter of The Phi Chi Medical Fraternity, Inc., for any purpose whatsoever.

1. The use of illegal drugs shall be cause for suspension from this Fraternity.

2. Countenancing or permitting the use of the illegal drugs in a Fraternity house, or at a Chapter function, by any Phi Chi Chapter shall be cause for suspension or revocation of the Charter by the Executive Trustees.

(b) The consumption of alcoholic beverages, in association with any activity of The Phi Chi Medical Fraternity, Inc., or its Chapters or the countenancing of such consumption by any person below the legal age in that particular jurisdiction, is forbidden.

(c) Chronic alcoholism, acute alcoholism, and persistent drunkenness shall be cause for suspension of any member from this Fraternity and encouragement on the part of a Chapter or its officers of any individual to consume alcoholic beverages, before they reach legal age in that particular jurisdiction, or encouragement to excessive consumption, shall be grounds for suspension of that Chapter, the officers or members involved, or both, by the Executive Trustees.

(d) Conduct, which may result in harm or injury to any individual, by another individual, at any function of this Fraternity, or on Fraternity property, is strictly forbidden.  Hazing, in any form, is forbidden.  Participating in, engaging in, or encouraging such conduct shall be grounds for suspension of the Chapter, or of members, or both, by the Executive Trustees.

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