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(a) Active membership in The Phi Chi Medical Fraternity, Inc., may be achieved only after a candidate has been accepted as a pledge by a local chapter, completed the official forms and has been initiated according to the official Ritual; except the Executive Trustees may authorize the use of a condensed version of the Ritual to meet specific contingencies.

(1) To be a member of this Fraternity the newly initiated person must pay the Registration Fee.  This Fee, together with a fully completed Form 3, must be promptly sent to the Central Office of Phi Chi, within five (5) days of initiation.  Until this form, together with the required fee, has been received and processed by the Central Office, membership is NOT granted.

(2) There are no exceptions to the Authorized Membership categories: i.e. Active, Alumni, and Associate; “Local”, “Social”, etc. are NOT permitted.

(b) Each candidate for membership shall sign the Fraternity's Pledge Certificate, except as hereinafter provided.  The length of the pledgeship shall be determined by each chapter in its By-Laws.

SECTION 2: All of the members of a local medical student group which has petitioned and been approved by the Executive Trustees to become a new chapter of The Phi Chi Medical Fraternity, Inc., shall be eligible for membership, provided they assume the same obligations and responsibilities and are initiated by the Ritual in the same manner as other candidates for membership.  All, or as many of the members of such a group who so desire, became the new chapter’s chartering members.

SECTION 3: Any request or petitions from an existing medical student group (fraternity) of more than one chapter to merge (amalgamate) with The Phi Chi Medical Fraternity, Inc., shall be investigated by the Executive Trustees for approval or rejection.

(a) No individual chapter or group of chapters of an acceptable student medical organization shall be accepted for merger without the specific approval of the organization's central authority, and then only if such approval is stated in writing and signed by the organization's current officers.  If a responsible central authority of a petitioning group no longer exists, the acceptance of one or more chapters or the organization shall depend on the judicious decision of the Executive Trustees.

(b) No organization or part thereof shall be acceptable for merger if it involves any financial liability to The Phi Chi Medical Fraternity, Inc.

(c) If an adequate investigation by the Executive Trustees leads to their approval and a statement of mutual agreement is completed and signed, all student members of the former organization shall become eligible for full membership in The Phi Chi Medical Fraternity, Inc., and may become active members provided they assume the same obligations and responsibilities, and are initiated by the official Ritual, the same as all other active members.

(d) Graduate (alumni) members of a merging fraternity shall have the option of being recognized as Phi Chi alumni if they so desire and indicate such by decision, action or deed.  Such alumni should be encouraged to view an initiation presented by a local chapter and may take the oath of allegiance if they so desire.  Their fraternal affiliation in the Fraternity's official membership files shall be designated as member by merger.


(a) No resignations from the Fraternity may be accepted by an active chapter.

(b) Resignations from the Fraternity may be accepted only by the Executive Trustees.

(c) No resignation of a student member shall be taken under consideration by the Executive Trustees without the consent of three-fourths (3/4) of the members of the active chapter from which the member seeks to resign, together with proof that the member is not indebted to the chapter, the Grand Chapter, or any member of either, and proof that no charges of any kind are pending against the person seeking to sever relations with the Fraternity.

(d) Resignations when accepted by the Executive Trustees sever completely all relation of the member with the Fraternity and members whose resignations have been accepted shall be as if they never had been initiated into the Fraternity, provided, however, a confidential notation of the resignation may be recorded on the former member's record for historical purposes.


(a)  Demits to other chapters shall be issued by the chapters on forms supplied by the Central Office and must bear the signatures of the Presiding Senior and Secretary of the chapter with its seal impressed and countersigned by the Grand Secretary-Treasurer with the seal of the Grand Chapter.

(b)  Demits may be issued only to members desiring to enter another college where a Phi Chi chapter is established.

(c)  Demits may be issued only to members who are not indebted to either the chapter or Grand Chapter and who have paid all National dues for the current year to the Grand Secretary-Treasurer and all indebtedness to the chapter to the date of issue of the demit.

(d)  Demits shall have a time limit stamped thereon by the Grand Secretary-Treasurer at the time of issue.

(e)  No chapter shall accept a demit not in proper form or admit a member from another chapter without a demit.

(f)  Any member who shall present himself or herself for membership in another chapter of Phi Chi without a demit shall not be considered for membership therein until the member has obtained the proper credentials (demit) from the former chapter.

(g) No chapter is obligated to accept a demit of any member and all demits received shall be acted upon by secret ballot.

(h) In the event a chapter shall, by secret ballot, refuse to accept the demit of a member from another chapter, the member presenting the demit shall in no way be deprived of active membership in the chapter which issued the demit, the member conforms to all the rules and regulations of the Fraternity, including the payment of all regular chapter dues.

(i)  A chapter from which a member is currently considered active has 30 days to respond to a request to issue a demit. If a member fulfills all requirements for a demit, yet a response is not received, then the Grand Chapter can issue a demit at their discretion.

(j)  Any member who shall attend a medical college wherein there is no Phi Chi chapter or attend a college wherein there is a Phi Chi chapter and make no effort to become an active member thereof shall, so long as he or she attends said medical college, be held responsible by the chapter wherein active membership was last held for the payment of dues.  Failure to conform to the rules and regulations of the chapter and National Fraternity in regard to either moral conduct or financial responsibility shall constitute cause for considering the member delinquent and not in good standing.

(k) Chapters having members transferring to other schools with chapters of Phi Chi shall notify the receiving chapters as soon as possible of the intention of the transferring members, so that all possible aid may be rendered such members to become established at the new schools and the chapters.


(a)  If any member of an active or alumni chapter has been accused of violating the laws of the Fraternity as set forth in Article I, Section 5, and the chapter of which the person is a member has filed charges as provided in said article, the member shall be entitled to an immediate, fair and impartial trial.

(b) The trial shall be held at a designated time and place unless for good reason the chapter by a two-thirds (2/3) vote shall have ordered otherwise.

(c) The Judge Advocate shall act as judge, but if there are personal or other reasons that should disqualify him/her, the chapter shall, by a two-thirds (2/3) vote, elect a member to act in his/her place.

(d) The Judge Advocate shall appoint two members to conduct the prosecution and the accused shall have the same right to select two members, of whom he or she may be one, for defense.  Should the accused not choose to make a defense, the trial shall proceed according to legal practice and the Constitution and Statutes of the Fraternity, as may be herein now and hereafter be provided.

(e) Both oral and written evidence may be introduced, but evidence from persons not members of the Fraternity must be in their handwriting and sworn to.  A full record of the case must be kept by the chapter Secretary and copy thereof sent to the Grand Secretary-Treasurer as provided in the Constitution.

(f) A three-fourths (3/4) vote of the active membership present and voting shall be sufficient to recommend the expulsion of a member.

(g) Reinstatement after expulsion shall be permitted provided the chapter by unanimous consent shall order it after due application by the expelled member, provided that the Executive Trustees have not already ordered the reinstatement as provided for in the Constitution.

(h) After expulsion, the chapter shall purchase the badge of the expelled member and repossess any other property belonging to the chapter or the Fraternity.

(i) Expulsion shall be the extreme penalty permitted and members of a chapter shall refrain from unnecessarily making such verdict public information.

(j) The name of any member of Phi Chi who shall practice any cult or system of medicine not approved by the AMA, NMA or BMA shall be cancelled from the official membership records of the Fraternity without any due process of jurisprudence; except that a confidential notation may be recorded for historical reasons, explaining when and why such action was taken.


(a)  Members may be suspended by active and alumni chapters by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of their membership.

(b)  Suspension shall be the penalty for any misdemeanor defined in the By-Laws of the chapter and the Constitution and Statutes of the Fraternity.

(c)  In the event inadequate By-Laws have been enacted by the chapter to cover suspension for misdemeanors, such causes shall include, but not be limited to: failure to meet personal obligations to the National Fraternity or the Grand Chapter, indifference to individual duties and responsibilities in regard to membership in the chapter, failure to pay chapter dues and assessments, conduct unbecoming to a lady or gentleman, and deliberate absence from regular chapter meetings.

(d) Chapters shall have power to define other violations, which may be punished by suspension.

SECTION 8: All expulsions and suspensions shall be by secret ballot and under no circumstances shall a member reveal to anyone not a member of the Fraternity the reasons for the expulsion or suspension of any member.  Should any member be accused of revealing anything concerning any trial within the Fraternity, said member shall forthwith be brought to trial and if found guilty, be expelled for disloyalty.


(a) No person shall be considered a pledge of any chapter of Phi Chi nor be initiated until the following certificate has been signed and deposited with the Secretary of the chapter:



Whereas, after due thought and deliberation, I have accepted an invitation to join __________________ of PHI CHI and said chapter of The Phi Chi Medical Fraternity, Incorporated, has agreed to maintain a fraternal attitude toward me:  Therefore, I _____________ (full name) hereby declare and stand  ready for initiation into the mysteries of PHI CHI whenever I shall be eligible to membership under the laws of the Fraternity and the recognized rules of ______________________________(college or university). I hereby covenant with ____________of PHI CHI to maintain a fraternal attitude toward its members and to demean myself as I become a


I solemnly promise that unless formally released by said chapter from this pledge, I will not accept any invitation to join a similar fraternity and will not entertain, listen to nor consider such solicitation.  I regard this obligation as binding upon my honor as an oath of allegiance and,

In testimony thereof hereunto set my hand in the presence of subscribing witnesses this ______ day of _________ Two Thousand __________.



Witnesses for ___________ of PHI CHI 

(Chapter Seal)


Full Name            

Medical Class of ________

Attest: ________________

      (b) The Grand Secretary-Treasurer shall furnish copies of this form to chapters at a cost not to exceed the actual amount expended for printing, binding and postage.

(c) These pledge certificates shall be countersigned by the Secretary of the chapter with seal and, after initiation of the person whose signature is attached hereto, the certificate shall be filed by the Secretary in an index file provided for that purpose.

SECTION 10: Members of Phi Chi doing graduate work in a graduate college of arts and sciences, but on the medical campus and still undergraduates in medicine doing work toward higher graduate degrees, shall be permitted to be active members of Phi Chi as the chapter sees fit.

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