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(a) The design of the official badge of the Fraternity is patented and shall not be used on articles of jewelry; neither shall dies be made thereof for use on stationery nor shall reproductions of any kind be used in other ways except in official publications of the Fraternity.

(b) A miniature size of the badge, jeweled or non- jeweled, may be incorporated in the design of the Fraternities official key, and officers’ medallions.

(c) The Grand Secretary-Treasurer is empowered to prosecute any infringements of the patent or any violations of this Statute whether by members of the Fraternity or manufacturers of the badge.

(d) The Grand Officer's Medallion shall be a sunburst of gold surmounted by a jeweled badge engraved with the name of the Fraternity and the office suspended from a gold chain or a green ribbon.

      1) Present Grand Chapter Officer's jeweled badge shall consist of green emeralds and pearls with red ruby eyes.

      2) Past Grand Chapter Officer's jeweled badge shall consist of red rubies and pearls.

SECTION 2: No person who is not a member of the Fraternity shall be permitted to wear the badge of the Fraternity.

SECTION 3: The Grand Secretary-Treasurer is empowered to permit the official jewelers of the Fraternity to manufacture official badges of the design protected by design patent, without or with jewels arranged in any manner desired, provided that the size and outline of the design is in no way effected.


(a) The coat-of-arms of the Fraternity is copyrighted and may not be used by any person, firm or corporation for any purpose whatever without permission from the Grand Secretary-Treasurer.

(b) The coat-of-arms of the Fraternity may be made available in a cloth form for use on wearing apparel.  Insofar as possible, the design shall be in official colors and made of colored or metallic thread.


(a) The official key of the Fraternity shall consist of a scaled replica of the official badge fastened to a metal base of polished gold, properly proportioned and embellished.  Keys may be jeweled or non-jeweled.

(b) Jeweled keys shall be available only as honor awards.

(c) Honor award (jeweled) keys shall not be available for general purchase.  They may be obtained only by authorization of active chapters, alumni chapters, the Executive Trustees or the Grand Chapter as awards for outstanding or meritorious service to the Fraternity.

SECTION 6: Each initiate upon complying with the provisions of the Constitution and Statutes of the Fraternity pertaining to membership shall receive a numbered membership card which shall bear the member's full name, chapter name and date of initiation. On the reverse thereof shall be stated the date on which the CHRONICLES Post Graduate Subscription (CPGS) shall begin.  This card shall constitute a part of the admission requirements to any chapter hall.


(a) The diplomas of the Fraternity shall be of two grades, namely parchment and heavy paper.

(b) Blank diplomas shall not be issued by the Grand Secretary-Treasurer.

(c) The cost of diplomas shall depend on current market costs.


(a) The flag of the Fraternity may be made of any durable material of the proper colors.

(b) The pennant shall be made of felt in the colors designated.

(c) No restrictions shall be placed on the use of the flag or the pennant.

(d) The Grand Secretary-Treasurer is empowered to appoint a firm to manufacture flags and pennants to insure uniformity, but this in no way prohibits any person or firm from the manufacture thereof.

SECTION 9: The flag of the Fraternity shall be unfurled from either the Flagstaff of the chapter house or displayed from the door or windows of the chapter halls on Memorial Day (November 15) and on Founders' Day (February 26).

SECTION 10: On Memorial Day all members of the Fraternity, active and alumni, shall wear a white carnation in memory of Phi Chi’s of the Chapter Eternal.

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