Members Only  


SECTION 1: Alumni chapters shall be composed of former regularly graduated members of medical colleges who are in good standing with the active chapter of Phi Chi of which said member or members were a part during their previous medical course.  Charters may be granted as herein provided.  Such chapters shall be known by the name of a local area active chapter or the city or state in which they are located.

SECTION 2: Alumni chapters shall hold not less than four regular sessions annually.  They shall be subject to such fees, dues and form reports as may be prescribed by Statute or established for themselves.

SECTION 3: Alumni chapters shall have power to adopt By-Laws for the regulation and control of their revenues, property and local government, provided that no law shall be of legal effect which shall be in conflict with this Constitution or any enactment of the Grand Chapter and further provided that no By-Law shall be enacted that would permit others than alumni of Phi Chi chapters to become members of the alumni chapters.

SECTION 4: Alumni chapters shall elect a delegate and an alternate to each session of the Grand Chapter who shall be subject to the same laws and regulations as active chapters in regard to Grand Chapter representation.

SECTION 5: The Executive Trustees shall have the same supervisory power over alumni chapters as over active chapters as herein provided.

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