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(a) Membership in The Phi Chi Medical Fraternity, Inc., shall be confined to those persons who have been initiated either by an active chapter or under the direction of the Executive Trustees in connection with the chartering/installation of a new chapter; the reactivation of a former chapter; or the merger with Phi Chi of an existing student medical society (fraternity) if approved and accepted by the Executive Trustees or the Grand Chapter, as hereinafter provided.  All membership attainments are to be in conformity with the requirements of the Constitution, the Statutes and the Ritual.

(b) No one shall be elected to honorary membership.

SECTION 2: To be eligible for membership in The Phi Chi Medical Fraternity, Inc., a candidate must be a student in a medical institution (school or college) which is the domicile of an active chapter; be of sound moral character, have creditable intellectual attainments, be in honorable scholastic standing and be socially acceptable to the local chapter, except that no person who is or has been a member of any other presently existing national medical fraternity is eligible.


(a) All candidates for membership in The Phi Chi Medical Fraternity, Inc., shall be elected by ballot.

(b) No person shall be admitted to membership without achieving an affirmative vote of approval of seven-eighths (7/8) of the chapter's members who are present and voting.

(c) Each official Initiation Form (Form 3) shall carry a certification by the chapter Secretary that the initiate was elected by ballot.

SECTION 4: No member of The Phi Chi Medical Fraternity, Inc., may become a member of any other medical fraternity and should a member become so, he or she shall be automatically expelled from this Fraternity without regard to any due process of jurisprudence defined in this Constitution and Statutes.


(a) No member of The Phi Chi Medical Fraternity, Inc., may sever his or her relationship therewith by resignation or otherwise without the consent of three-fourths (3/4) of the members of the chapter wherein membership is held and the unanimous consent of the Executive Trustees, as provided for in the Statutes.

(1) Charges of conduct involving moral turpitude, disloyalty to the Fraternity, conduct unworthy of a physician and a gentleman or a lady, or violations of code of medical ethics may be made upon a three-fourths (3/4) vote of an active or alumni chapter of which the member charged is or has been a member.

(2) Such charges, together with a written report setting forth the reasons and grounds for making them, together with the sworn evidence and verdict shall be filed with the Grand Secretary-Treasurer, after a fair and impartial trial by the active or alumni chapter, as hereinafter provided.

(3) In event of the failure of an active or alumni chapter to make charges and bring a member to trial in any case that in the opinion of the Executive Trustees involves any or all the foregoing elements, the Executive Trustees may by unanimous vote to suspend or expel the member, provided that notice of such proposed action shall have been mailed to the chapter and the last known address of the member against whom the action may be directed.

(4) All trials of members shall be conducted according to legal procedure and the accused member shall not be denied the right of defense by counsel who shall be a member of the Fraternity.

SECTION 6: Any member who has been suspended or ordered expelled shall not be denied the right of appeal to the Executive Trustees who shall have appellate jurisdiction in all cases of this nature, and acting thereunder, shall either affirm the sentence imposed by the chapter, order a retrial or reinstatement of the member or a dismissal of the charges entirely.

SECTION 7: Members of an active chapter who leaves the college or university in which their chapter holds jurisdiction, shall be entitled to a demit as prescribed in the Statutes hereinafter.

SECTION 8: Former members of active chapters, whether enrolled in alumni chapters or not so affiliated, shall be subject to the By-Laws of their respective chapters insofar as the same pertain to former members.  In absence of any such laws in the chapter By-Laws, the members included in this section shall be subject to the Constitution and Statutes of the Fraternity.

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