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SECTION 1: The Ritual shall be secret and enactments therein shall have equal force and validity in all respects with the Constitution and the Statutes.


(a) The Ritual shall be entrusted to the Grand Secretary-Treasurer for safekeeping and no member of the Fraternity save the Grand Secretary-Treasurer shall be permitted to make transcriptions thereof either in whole or in part.  Copies of the Ritual shall be supplied by the Grand Secretary-Treasurer under the seal of the Fraternity upon official requisition of the Presiding Senior and Secretary of the active chapters.

(b) The Grand Secretary-Treasurer shall maintain a careful record of all copies of the Ritual thus distributed in a durable book prepared for that purpose and shall have power to require the officers of any chapter at any time to account for copies of the Ritual delivered to their chapters.

(c) In the event a chapter becomes inactive, it shall be the specific responsibility of the chapter Secretary to return all copies of the Ritual in their possession to the Grand Secretary-Treasurer.

SECTION 3: The cost of the Ritual to the chapters shall be determined by Statute.

SECTION 4: The oath of secrecy shall apply only as provided in the Ritual and in no case to this Constitution, the Statutes or By-Laws of the chapters.

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