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SECTION l: There shall be a body called the Executive Trustees which shall be composed of the general officers of the Fraternity, namely, the Grand Presiding Senior, Grand Presiding Junior, Grand Secretary-Treasurer and two (2) members elected by the Grand Chapter, one of the two being elected as the Chairperson of the Trustees.

SECTION 2: The members of the Executive Trustees with the exception of the Grand Secretary-Treasurer and Chairperson shall be elected at each regular session of the Grand Chapter and shall hold office until their successors have been legally elected.  A majority vote of the Grand Chapter shall elect said Executive Trustees.

SECTION 3: In the event of a vacancy in the office of the Grand Presiding Junior, Grand Secretary-Treasurer or Chairperson of the Executive Trustees, due to resignation, inability to serve, removal from office, death or for any other reason, if the interval between the date of the vacancy and the next meeting of the Grand Chapter is six months or more, a pro-tem replacement shall be named by the Trustees or a reassignment of duties effected by the Executive Trustees.

SECTION 4: The Executive Trustees may meet at any time at the call of the Chairperson but the Chairperson shall convene them upon the written request of any two members thereof.


(a) The Executive Trustees shall have full executive power over the active and alumni chapters and the members thereof between sessions of the Grand Chapter.  Acting under this warrant of authority they shall have power to issue from time to time such rules and regulations as they shall deem necessary for the welfare of the Fraternity, provided that they shall not issue any rules or regulations that will reduce the general revenues of the Fraternity or effect any law rejected by the Grand Chapter.  It is further provided that the Grand Chapter may exercise its power to sustain or declare null and void any rules issued by the Trustees.

(b) They shall have appellate jurisdiction over the action of active and alumni chapters in the suspension or expulsion of their members, with authority to reinstate.

(c) They shall have power to enforce the provisions of this Constitution and the Statutes and interpret such articles and sections thereof as may be in controversy between members and officers of the active and alumni chapters.

(d) They shall be responsible to no power in the fraternity except the Grand Chapter in convention assembled to which the Chairperson shall render in writing full and accurate account of the Trustees' official acts.  Said report to be delivered by the Chairperson in the regular order of business.

(e) All official acts of the Executive Trustees shall bear the signatures of the Chairperson of the Executive Trustees and the Grand Secretary-Treasurer, with the Great Seal of the Fraternity.

(f) A majority of the Executive Trustees shall be sufficient to transact official business with the following exceptions:

(1) Any four (4) members of the Executive Trustees may for cause declare the office of the fifth vacant and appoint a successor until the next session of the Grand Chapter when they shall submit in writing the charges against said member.  The Grand Chapter shall then proceed to judge the removal of such member from office.  In any controversy between the members of the Executive Trustees, the Grand Chapter shall have full power to dispose of it as hereinafter provided.

(2) It shall require the unanimous consent of the Executive Trustees to reinstate an expelled member without a retrial by the chapter.

(3) It shall require the unanimous consent of the Executive Trustees to accept the resignation of a member of the Fraternity.

(g) Between Grand Chapter sessions, the Executive Trustees may, by a majority vote, instruct the Grand Secretary-Treasurer to submit to every active chapter any resolution or resolutions originated by the Trustees or a chapter for their approval or rejection.  The chapters shall, within fourteen (14) days from the receipt of such communication vote on each resolution thus submitted and shall within seven (7) days following such vote forward the results to the Grand Secretary-Treasurer.  Failure to respond within such time shall result in cancellation of the right to vote on each resolution in question.  A majority vote of ballots cast by the chapters shall be sufficient to accept or reject each resolution submitted in this manner.  The text of each resolution and the name of each chapter voting for or against it (including the names of those chapters not responding) and the results of the vote shall be published in the next issue of the CHRONICLES or each chapter notified by regular mail, whichever is more expeditious time wise, after the receipt of all the ballots.



(a) The Emeritus Trustees shall be composed of former members of the Executive Trustees, who have served the Fraternity faithfully well and are in good standing.

(b) Members of the Executive Trustees would be elevated to Emeritus status, by the Grand Chapter, upon resolution duly approved.

(c) Emeritus Trustees would be asked to attend all meeting of the Executive Trustees and the Grand Chapter; would have the privilege of the floor; may not hold an elected Executive Trustee office or vote; may perform such duties as may be assigned by the Executive Trustees.

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