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(a) The supreme legislative power of the Fraternity shall be vested in a Grand Chapter holding regular sessions every one or more years and at such time and place, if feasible, as shall be recommended by the preceding session.  It shall be composed of delegates from active and alumni chapters, the officers of the Grand Chapter, and with such members of Grand Chapter committees as shall have been elected by the preceding sessions, as hereinafter provided.

(b) There shall be no special session of the Grand Chapter but regular sessions may be postponed until some future date by the Executive Trustees for due cause or justifiable reason for the benefit of the Fraternity.

SECTION 2: Each active chapter and alumni chapter shall elect a delegate and an alternate (to act in the absence of the delegate) as its representative in the Grand Chapter, but no chapter shall be entitled to more than one vote.  Delegates must be active members of the chapters they represent, no delegate to the Grand Chapter shall represent more than one chapter, and that shall be the chapter wherein the delegate holds active membership.  Delegates from a simple majority of the active chapters in good standing with one member of the Executive Trustees shall constitute a quorum.

SECTION 3: No active or alumni chapter, which shall be reported delinquent under the requirements of this Constitution or of the Statutes shall be entitled to representation in the Grand Chapter unless the delinquency is removed in the opening session of the Grand Chapter and then only by consent of the Grand Chapter.

SECTION 4: The Executive Officers, of the Grand Chapter, shall be Grand Presiding Senior, Chairperson of the Executive Trustees, Grand Secretary-Treasurer and such other officers it may elect to execute its mandates and enforce its Statutes.

SECTION 5: The Grand Chapter shall have power:

(a) To effect its own organization, to elect its officers add to adopt and enforce rules for its government and procedure.

(b) To grant charters to active and alumni chapter as herein provided.

(c) To revoke the charter of any active or alumni chapter and recover without legal due process all archives, paraphernalia and other property of the Fraternity, including surplus chapter funds and other tangible assets for custodianship; to suspend a chapter from the exercise of any or all of its powers and privileges and to punish any chapter, officer or member as may be deemed necessary for the welfare of the Fraternity.

(d) To define the provinces of the Fraternity.

(e) To elect the officers of the Fraternity hereinafter specified and to appoint such special committees as shall be necessary.

(f) To provide by Statute or resolution for the creation and disbursement of the revenues of the Fraternity.

(g) To provide by Statute or resolution for the regulation of the officers, chapters and members of the Fraternity and to define their respective duties and privileges as hereinafter provided.

(h) To alter and amend this Constitution and the ritual as herein provided and when not in conflict with the Articles of Incorporation or before first amending the latter, according to law.

(i) To enact, subject to this Constitution, such laws, rules and regulations necessary to promote the welfare of the Fraternity, its chapters, officers and members.

SECTION 6: Organizational or functional enactments of the Grand Chapter shall be classified as (new or revising) amendments to the Constitution and Statutes or as resolutions.  Both the Articles and Statutes, with the exception of Article I and its sections, may be amended as hereinafter provided.  Enactments of permanent change shall be in the form of amendments; those of a temporary nature or short-term duration shall be in the form of resolutions.

(a) All Statutes shall be arranged in the same order as the Articles of the Constitution from which their authority is derived, as follows:

      (I)                 Insignia
(II)              Organization
(III)            The Grand Chapter
(IV)           The Executive Trustees
(V)              The Officers
(VI)           Membership
(VII)         Revenues
(VIII)      Publications
(IX)           Ritual
(X)              Charters
(XI)           Active Chapters
(XII)         Alumni Chapters
(XIII)      Headquarters

SECTION 7: All enactments of the Grand Chapter shall be accomplished according to commonly accepted parliamentary law procedures.  No amendment to the Statutes may be enacted which is in conflict with its comparable Constitutional Article unless such conflict has been previously removed by prior and proper amendment.

SECTION 8: A fee to be determined by the Grand Secretary-Treasurer shall be required of attendees of the Grand Chapter meeting who are not Delegates, Executive Trustees, or other individuals as outlined in the Constitution and Statutes of Phi Chi Medical Fraternity, Inc.

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