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(a) This Fraternity shall be known as The Phi Chi Medical Fraternity.

(b) It shall be incorporated.

SECTION 2: The motto shall be Φθανομεν-Χραιομειν.

SECTION 3: The colors shall be olive green and white.

SECTION 4: The flower shall be the lily-of-the-valley with leaves.

SECTION 5: The Great Seal of the Fraternity shall be the seal of the Grand Chapter and shall be as follows:

Circular form, one and three fourths inches in diameter, around the margin of which shall be the words “Grand Chapter, Phi Chi Medical Fraternity,” arranged with the word “PHI” about the center and immediately opposite it the word “CHI”, above these words shall be “GRAND CHAPTER” and beneath them the words “MEDICAL FRATERNITY.”  In the center shall be a replica of the coat-of-arms and the word "Incorporated" immediately beneath the arms.

SECTION 6: The coat-of-arms copyrighted, shall be as follows:

Escutcheon: Quarterly, I vert (1), a rising sun resplendent between two mullets in chief and the letters E Φ A in base, all or (2); II argent (3), the badge of the Fraternity less the letters on the skull, within a wreath of olive of the first, both proper; III of the third, on a book, proper, the letter Phi fessway upon the letter Chi, both of the first; IV of the first, a pair of clasped hands, of the third; in chief, a Greek cross, of the second.

Crest: Upon a wreath of the colors of the Fraternity of the first and third, a wreath of olive of the first surmounted of a caduceus of the second, both beneath a mullet, rayonné, of the third.

Motto: Phthanomen Chraismein in Greek letters.

SECTION 7: The official badge of the Fraternity shall be patented as to design and shall consist of a skull and crossbones resting upon the Greek letters Phi and Chi in the form of a monogram, the Phi nuggeted gold, the Chi polished gold.  The eyes of the skull to be rubies and the letters E Φ A shall be on the forehead of the skull.

SECTION 8: The pledge button of the Fraternity shall have a square top of silver with the escutcheon of the coat-of-arms in white on a field of green.*

* Change of design - Historical Note.  The design of the pledge button was changed at the time of the Pi Mu merger (1922) to honor Pi Mu and the Pi Mu honor system.  The Badge of Pi Mu, a Greek cross carrying the skull and crossbones in addition to the Greek letters ΠM, by agreement became Phi Chi's pledge button with the substitution of a caduceus and the letters ΦX in silver on a field of green.

SECTION 9: The seal of the chapters of this Fraternity shall be: circular, one and three-fourths inches in diameter, on the margin of which shall be above, Phthanomen Chraismein in Roman letters and below, the name of the chapter.  In the center of the circle shall be a replica of the official badge.

SECTION 10: The diplomas of the Fraternity shall bear the coat-of-arms, the Great Seal of the Fraternity, the seal of the chapter and the signatures of the Grand Secretary-Treasurer, the Presiding Senior and the Secretary of the chapter applying for it.  The cost of the diplomas shall be determined by the Statutes.

SECTION 11: The flag of the Fraternity shall be rectangular in form, the length being twice the width.  It shall be made of two squares, one of white to be on the inner side and one of green (olive) to be on the outer side.  On the white field shall be a green star; on the green field shall be a white star in the center, equally on both fields, shall be a golden yellow caduceus surmounted by a star of the same color.

SECTION 12: The official pennant shall be a green felt field tapering to a point.  In white felt shall be a skull and crossbones over a monogram of Phi and Chi; a white line shall divide this design from the words PHI CHI in white, tapering.

SECTION 13: Regulations regarding the standard of the dimensions, quality of material, display or use of any of the insignia of the Fraternity shall be prescribed by Statute as herein provided.

SECTION 14: All insignia bearing the design of either the official badge or coat-of-arms shall be under the exclusive control of the proper authorities of the Grand Chapter and none of them may be purchased, used or disposed of without authority from the Grand Chapter or its constituted authorities.

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