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Daniel H. Cannon, M.D., Research Award

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Awarded to a Phi Chi member who has demonstrated persistent dedication in academic research, culminating in exceptional, demonstrated, progress in their research field.

Please submit your completed application to the . The deadline is one month before the next Grand Chapter Meeting. Later submissions will be considered for the following year.

1) The recipient must be a Phi Chi member in good standing.
2) The recipient must have been actively involved in the research for at least 1 year after beginning medical school.
3) The recipient must have a manuscript in submission in a peer-reviewed journal or have been accepted to present their research at a regional or national academic meeting.

In order to receive the award, the candidate recipient must provide:
1) Proof of eligibility, specifically including proof of manuscript submission (a copy of the article) or the invitation to present their research at an academic meeting.
2) A short summary (1-2 pages) of the research, which should contain:
    a. A description of their personal involvement of the research (a descriptive timeline).
    b. A description of the research itself, written for the lay reader.

Each individual will receive
- An official award document.
- Published description of their research summary in the Phi Chi newsletter and / or the Phi Chi Chronicles. Also may be highlighted on the Fraternity web page.
- Recipients will be given the opportunity to present their research orally at the National meeting.

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