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Phi Chi Medical Fraternity provides a number of publications for our members. A listing of these can be found below and to access them, please visit the Members Only Area of the Website.

If you would like to submit an article for the The Doodlebug Quarterly or The Phi Chi Chronicles, please contact the National Office.


The Doodlebug Quarterly is designed to keep members up-to-date as to the activities of the Grand Chapter as well as Local Chapters.  The Newsletter is sent out four times per year.  We will be including news from both the National and Chapter level (Officer updates, events, awards and scholarship recipients, ect.) as well as updates on Member Benefits, Merchandise, and other topics which could be of interest.  Members can access the current and past editions of The Doodlebug Quarterly from the Members Only Area.

Members, if you would like to subscribe to the E-Newsletter, please do so as you update your information.

Members can access the current and past editions of The Chronicles from the Members Only Area.

All members of Phi Chi are eligible to receive a copy of The Phi Chi Chronicles as part of their initiation into the Fraternity.

The Chronicles were originally known as The Phi Chi Quarterly.  Created in 1903 at the VII Grand Chapter and first published April 1, 1904, by the Southern Phi Chi Fraternity, the Editor-in-Chief was Herbert Bronner, Alpha Alpha-Gamma, and consisted of twenty-four pages. During the XLVI Grand Chapter in 1989, the name of The Phi Chi Quarterly was changed to The Phi Chi Chronicles, effective after the publication of the Centennial Quarterly edition in 1990.

A listing of the staff of The Phi Chi Quarterly/Chronicles can be found in the Phi Chi History.

Every few years, Phi Chi releases a directory of members.  If you would like to receive a copy of the Directory, you can purchase a copy from the Merchandise Section of the website or by contacting the National Office.

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