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Theta (Theta Theta)

Maryland Medical College
Baltimore, MD

Chartered: 1903

Inactivated: 1907

Although this chapter is currently inactive, you can still donate to it to ensure a good start should it be reactivated.  Be sure to enter the name of the chapter under "Notes" when completing your PayPal transaction.

History: Merged with ΠΣ. ΒΔ was a composite chapter, composed of Β, Δ, and Θ of The Eastern ΦΧ, and ΠΣ of The Southern ΦΧ.

Grand Chapter Members:

Edinger I. W. XI (ΘΘ)
Deemar W. R. XII (ΘΘ)
Derdiger Louis B. XII (ΘΘ)

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