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Theta Eta

Medical College of Virginia
Richmond, VA

Chartered: 1913

Inactivated: 1977

Although this chapter is currently inactive, you can still donate to it to ensure a good start should it be reactivated.  Be sure to enter the name of the chapter under "Notes" when completing your PayPal transaction.

History: Formed from the merger Θ and H chapters when Medical College of Virginia absorbed University College of Medicine.

Pi Mu Chapters Gained:
B Medical College of Virginia 1893-1913 Joined BΓ in 1913
Γ University College of Medicine 1896-1913 Joined BΓ in 1913
Medical College of Virginia 1913-1922 Joined ΘH of Phi Chi

Grand Chapter Conventions


December 29, 30, 31


Grand Chapter Members:

Knepp J. Warren VII-X GPJ 1905; GPS 1906
Parker Rea B. X Θ
Martin Wm. Read X Θ
Hutcheson James M. X Θ
Hughes Frank A. X H
Hill Emory H. X H
Henson J. A. X H
Harrell George N. XI Θ
Rees G. H. XII Θ
Pope Thomas H. XII Θ
Simpson W. A. XIII H
Lawson Wm. E. XIII Θ
Ashworth R. A. XIV Θ
McBryde Stuart XV H
Graham Archibald F. XV Θ
Nettles Robin XV Θ
Cannaday R. G. XV H
Martin D. D. XVI H
Bagby Alvin F. H. XVI H
Cook George L. XVII Θ
Flowers Charles E. XVII H
Stout Joseph D. XVII Θ
Hutton Frank B. XVIII  
Gayle R. Finley, Jr. XIX  
McClies E. C. XX  
Moorman Carleton XXI  
Whitaker Paul A. XXII  
Bowles F. N. XXIII  
Shields J. Asa XXIV  
Blankenship Rex XXV  
Wilson George R. XXVI  
Shetter George XXVII  
Bailey Williams R., Jr. XXIX  
Cofer Vernon L. XXX  
Rogers Richard O., Jr. XXXI  
Belcher H. Vaughn XXXII  
Harlan W. R., Jr. XXXIV  
Carr Fay I., Jr. XXXV  
Christian Joe D. XXXVI  
Williamson Sterling R. XXXVII  
Dwyer Kenneth XXXVIII  
Johnson Bruce E. XXXX  

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