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Tau Beta

University of Wisconsin
Medical School

Madison, WI

Chartered: June 6, 1921

Inactivated: 1974

Although this chapter is currently inactive, you can still donate to it to ensure a good start should it be reactivated.  Be sure to enter the name of the chapter under "Notes" when completing your PayPal transaction.

Grand Chapter Members:

Sibilsky C. E. XXII  
Ralph Leland Paul XXIII  
Kler Joseph XXIV  
Mortensen Otto A. XXV  
Weir Earl F. XXVI  
Wishart John W. XXVII  
Meyers Myron A. XXVIII  
Sherwood Tom XXIX  
Graf George P. XXX  
Satter Erby J. XXXI  
Graf Chris XXXII  
Green Edward L. XXXIII  
Miner Edward B. XXXIV  
Schmidt Donald XXXV  
Olsen Clark O. XXXVI  
Boeker Allen J. XXXVII  
Walker Robert W. XXXVIII  
Hesselink John XXXIX  
Dreyer Mark XXXX  

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