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Sigma Kappa

Medical University of South Carolina

Chartered: June 2, 1927

Address: Student Programs – Harper Student Center
                45 Courtenay Drive
                Charleston, SC 29401-1117

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History: Revision of T.

The Sigma Kappa Chapter of Phi Chi enjoys being extremely involved at MUSC on many levels. Socially, our calendar is full from free information luncheons for all those interested in joining the fraternity, to a school wide Back to School Party with over 200 people in attendance, as well as a Halloween Party for members and non-members. But our role in the community is the focus of our fraternity by either participating in and/or organizing several philanthropic events that include the MUSC Annual Sugar Free Fall Festival, sponsoring Primary Care Week Lecture Series and Alcohol Awareness speakers, sponsoring families at Thanksgiving and Christmas. We are also proud to be working with the Windwood Boys Home, an educational and rehabilitation center for abused boys.

Phi Chi is not an exclusive organization and welcomes all medical students. Our fraternity provides a way for medical students from first to fourth year to get to know and help each other. It is an outlet to relax through social activities and creates opportunities to get involved within the MUSC medical community and become leaders within the Charleston community through service projects.

Grand Chapter Conventions

LXVIII April 27, 28, 29 2012

Grand Chapter Members:

Hines E. A., Jr. XXV  
Fike Ralph L. XXVI  
Marshall Joe XXVII  
Cannon W. M. XXVIII  
Rogers R. S. XXIX  
Holman George XXX  
Hatfield Theodore B. XXXI  
Appleby J. Gavin XXXII  
Roper John XXXIII  
Wood Walter K. XXXIV  
Dunlap John C. XXXV  
Richards James T. XXXVI  
Wells Henry A., Jr. XXXVII  
Lytle John E. XXXVIII  
Risinger Benjamin XXXIX  
Legare Keith XLIV  
Hollis Brandon XLV  
Moore Philip XLVI  
Jenkins George XLVII  
Britton John XLIX  
Williamson Bridget LIV-LV  
Eschenbach Stephanie LIX  
Payne John LX  
Mayo James LXI  
Martin Laura LXVII  
Rawl Jordon LXX Welfare LXIX

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