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Pi Delta Phi

University of California
School of Medicine

San Francisco, CA

Chartered: December 31, 1908

Inactivated: 1967

Although this chapter is currently inactive, you can still donate to it to ensure a good start should it be reactivated.  Be sure to enter the name of the chapter under "Notes" when completing your PayPal transaction.

History:  Originally installed in the Los Angeles Department in 1911 was transferred to the Berkeley and San Francisco Departments.






August 25, 26, 27, 28


Grand Chapter Members:

McNeile Lyle G. XIV West XC
Grubbs T. Elmer XV-XX, inc. Assoc Ed. 1910-1917; Founder of ΠΔΦ, ΣΥ, ΙΠ, Β, ΑΒ. With Pearson issued First Directory in 1915.
Sharp Robert G. XVII  
Carey Eben James XVIII, XX-XXX XX (XY) Elected CXT 1916; Re-elected by XXI-XXVIII; Editor of Quarterly 1932, 1947; CXT XXIX, XXX
Sherman,  R. Stanton XIX-XX GPS 1914-1916
Mathe Chas. Pierre XX  
Childress M. Hugo XXI-XXIII XT 1919-1921; GPJ 1921-1923
Delprat G. D., Jr. XXII  
Forkner Claude E. XXII  
Gauthier Auguste E. XXIV  
Moore Newell L. XXV  
Cocks C. Edward XXVI GPS 1927
Ashton Paul XXVII  
Sannllippo Philip J. XXVIII  
Sherman,  Robert, Jr. XXIX XT
Hoag Roger W. XXX  
Farquhar John XXI  
Becker Bruce XXXII  
Ross John XXXIII  
Peard William XXXIV  
Okun Ronald XXXV  
Moyers Thomas G. XXXVI  
Crawford Gary XXXVII  
Cardoza Larry XXXVIII  

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