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Phi Sigma

Loyola University
Stritch School of Medicine

Chicago, IL

Chartered: November 2, 1907
Reactivated: April 12, 1985

Inactivated: 1973, 1988

Although this chapter is currently inactive, you can still donate to it to ensure a good start should it be reactivated.  Be sure to enter the name of the chapter under "Notes" when completing your PayPal transaction.

History: Transferred to Chicago College of Medicine & Surgery, Valparaiso University in 1920. Local Medical Fraternity EΦΣ

Grand Chapter Conventions


December 31, 1909- January 1, 2



December 28, 29, 30



December 27, 28, 29


Grand Chapter Members

Burnett G. E. XII  
Secor Wm. Lee XII-XIII  
Schunk Edward R. XIII  
Cornet Alphons L. XV  
Amerson George C. XV-XIX, inc. GPS 1912
Weaver S. W. XVI  
Mellinger Wm. J. XVI  
McCoach W. H. XVI  
Meyers Joseph T. XVII  
Geis Neil C. XVII  
Pinkerton Forrest J. XVIII  
Danielson Wilford A. XIX-XX  
Gerty Francis J. XXI  
Barrett Russell A. XXIII  
Guldager George F., Jr. XXIV  
Lee Robert E. XXV  
Engle Paul H. XXVI  
Prall Henry XXVII  
Todd Hobart XXVIII  
Fintz Ralph J. XXIX  
Lee Herbert XXX  
Keville Franklin XXXI  
Fisher Joseph XXXII  
Scholl James W. XXXIII  
Healy James XXXIV  
Adams Patrick J. XXXV  
Samander Albert J. XXXVI  
Kott Daniel F. XXXVII  
Hurm Raymond XXXVIII  
Jefson Richard XXXIX  

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