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Kappa Chi

University of Minnesota

Chartered: May 22, 1920

Address: Kappa Chi chapter of Phi Chi Medical Fraternity
               University of Minnesota Medical School
               325 Harvard St. SE
               Minneapolis, MN 55414


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The Kappa Chi chapter of Phi Chi dates back to May 22, 1920 when a few med students got together to start up a medical fraternity.  During the 1920s Phi Chi members resided in two different houses nearby our current residence at 325 Harvard St. SE.  By the Fall of 1931 a new house was built for us.  It was:

"Beautiful to the eye and almost too nice to touch, it was truly a wonderful house."

L. Lang '29

Re-activated: 1981

History: De-activated in 1974.  Local YM Medical Fraternity absorbed.

Grand Chapter Conventions


March 30, 31, April 1


LXII March 31, April 1, 2 2006


Grand Chapter Members:

Nelson O. E. XXII  
Tuttle Glenn W. XXIII  
Meland Ernest L. XXIV  
Davidson Richard XXV  
Erickson Cyrus C. XXVI  
Grant Russell XXVII  
O'Brien Lyal XXVIII  
Monahan Robert H. XXIX JAE
Bouma John H. XXXII  
Kuhlmann Vernon G. XXXIII  
Leslie Loren XXXIV  
Elevitch Frank R. XXXV  
Eliason Orland D. XXXVI  
Bornfleth Leslie R. XXXVII  
Benton John XXXVIII  
Evans James XXXIX  
Prieto Francisco XXXXI  
Plotnikoff Greg XXXXIII  
Saxena Sanj XLIV  
Smith H. Brad XLV  
Grubbs Brian XLIX  
Anderson Joe LI  
Ebeling Patrick LII  
Lukasewycz Anya LIII  
Cole Julie LIV  
Signorelli Anna LV  
Weisbrod Mark LVI GPJ LVIII
Nunez Arlene LVII  
Bach Noelle LVIII  
Consoer Seth LIX  
Sciallis Andy LX  
Lund Kristine LXI  
Prebil Sarah LXII  
KenKnight Jon LXIV  
Johnson Russell LXV  
Cook Jason LXVI  
Karels Jake LXVII  
Yang Casey LXVIII  


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