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Beta (Beta Beta)

Baltimore Medical College
Baltimore, MD

Chartered: 1895

Inactivated: 1913

Although this chapter is currently inactive, you can still donate to it to ensure a good start should it be reactivated.  Be sure to enter the name of the chapter under "Notes" when completing your PayPal transaction.

History:  This Chapter was originally installed in the Baltimore Medical College, which was consolidated with the University of Maryland in 1913. Merged with ΠΣ in 1913.  Merged with ΔΔ in 1915 to become ΒΔ which became a composite chapter, composed of Β, Δ, and Θ of The Eastern ΦΧ, and ΠΣ of The Southern ΦΧ.

Grand Chapter Members:

Cornwell Thomas E. X (BB)
Baird David E. X-XIII, inc. (BB) GPS 1908
Latimore C. V. XI (BB)
Wright C. F. XII (BB)
Korns Charles P. XII-XIII (BB)
Neller Walter I. XIII (BB)
Straub G. Lewis XIII (BB)
Walke Frank H. XVI (BB)
Young Charles A. XVII (BB)
Keim Albert L. XVIII (BB)
Street R. B. XIX (BB)

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