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University of Louisville
School of Medicine

Louisville, KY

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Chartered: March 3, 1905

Re-activated: April 25, 1982

Inactivated: 1977, 1989

Although this chapter is currently inactive, you can still donate to it to ensure a good start should it be reactivated.  Be sure to enter the name of the chapter under "Notes" when completing your PayPal transaction.

History: Southern Phi Chi. 

ΑΑ was a composite chapter, composed of Α, Β, Γ, Δ, and Ε of The Southern ΦΧ:

      Α            Louisville Medical College (1894-1908)

      Β            Kentucky School of Medicine (1896-1909)

      Γ            University of Louisville (1896-1907)

      Δ            Hospital College of Medicine (1897-1908)
                    Combined with Louisville Medical College, 1908

      Ε            Kentucky University Medical Department (1900-1907)
                    Absorbed by University of Louisville, 1907

In 1907 the University of Louisville absorbed the Kentucky University Medical Department resulting in the combined chapter ΓE and the Louisville Medical College and the Hospital College of Medicine combined in 1908 resulting in the combined chapter .  In 1909, the University of Louisville absorbed the Kentucky School of Medicine and the Louisville and Hospital College, resulting in the combined chapter now knows as AA.

Pi Mu Chapters Gained:
Δ Louisville Medical College 1904-1907 Joined ΔH in 1907
E University of Louisville 1904-1907 Joined EZ in 1907
Z University of Kentucky 1905-1907 Joined EZ in 1907
H Hospital College of Louisville 1907 Joined ΔH in 1907
ΔH Louisville Medical College 1907-1908 Joined ΔE in 1908
EZ University of Louisville 1907-1908 Joined ΔE in 1908
ΔE University of Louisville 1908-1922 Joined AA of Phi Chi

The Grand Chapter created by resolution adopted in joint session of Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta of Phi Chi South, February 26, 1897.  Preliminary session May 31, 1897;  First Grand Chapter, June 28, 29, 30, 1897.


June 28, 29, 30



March 23, 24



March 24



March 21, 22



March 21, 22



February 21, 22



February 16, 17



February 16, 17


XV December 31, 1909- January 1, 2 1910
XXIX December 26, 27, 28 1940
XLII December 28, 29, 30 1981


Grand Chapter Members:

Abell Irvin I-IX GPS 1897; RV 1905
Bell Joseph C. I  
Foley Wm. J I One of the founders; wrote first ritual and constitution. Designed first and second badge; latter became official for ΦX South until 1905.
French Edwin C. I-III  
Halley Samuel H. I-III  
Hendershot Claude T. I GPJ 1897
Manly Clarence J. I  
Robards John B. I  
Smyth Arthur W. I-III GS 1897-1899
Toll James L. I  
Crowley Claude C. II  
Morrison J. Rowan II  
Ross Charles A. II-III  
Russman Charles G. II  
Offutt Wm. Nelson III-V GPJ 1899; GPS 1901
Conrad O. L. III XC
Jacobs Donald R. III-IV  
Mourning C. Norton III-V GST 1898; 1899
Wilson Dunning Steele III-XX, inc. GCS 1901-1904; GST 1900, 1904-1906, inc. Presiding Officer of VI and XIX conventions.
Bronner Herbert IV-IX, inc. GST 1902-1903; 1st Editor of ΦX Quarterly 1904
Goodloe Hart IV-V GPS 1900
Koch Ernest H, IV  
Rominger Louis H. IV-V  
Crockett Eldon, Kent V-VI XC 1902
Gardner Wm. Emmett V-VII GPS 1902
Guthrie Herbert S. V-VI XC 1901-1902
McCary A. B. V-VI  
Ogilvie R. Woods V GST 1901
Stone Lee A. V-VI GST 1902
Edelen Charles A. VI  
Hays Sam Brown VI-X, inc. Grand Historian 1902-1906
Hunt Lee F. VI-IX, inc. GPS 1904
Loar Peter A. VI  
Maguire John D. VI-VII XC 1903
Pirtle Robert T. VI-VIII  
Richardson John B., Jr. VI-VIII XC 1902, GPS 1903
Stone J. Clay VI  
Van Zandt Thomas VI  
Bakes Fred C. VII  
Barr Edward VII  
Curry Dal P., Jr VII-X inc. Permanent Chr. XC 1903-1906
Dowden Chauncey W. VII  
Dusch Joseph A. VII-IX GCS 1905
Pearson Theodore B. VII-XXVI XC 1903-1908; Chr 1908; Presiding Officer XII Convention; Assoc. Ed. 1908-1910; Editor of The ΦX Quarterly since 1910; Editor of First Directory and succeeding editions; designed coat-of-arms; flag, pledge, badge and Doodle designs.  Elected GS in 1916; chief of Central Office of ΦX since 1917
Percefull A. C. L. VII  
Rogers John C. VII  
Scaff Claude VII-VIII  
English Carroll C. VIII-IX XC 1904
Parsons Albro VIII  
Gilliam Parvin D. IX-X  
Hibbitt Charles W. IX-XX inc. One of the founders; XT 1905-1914; GPS 1914
Koontz Frederick Luther IX-XIV inc. Editor of The ΦX Quarterly 1905-1909
Brewer Guy E. X-XII  
Comer Monte C. X  
Edmunds T. W. X  
Little Wm. S X  
Turner Leonard A. X  
Caseldine Harry C. XI  
Davis Harry B. XI  
Royster W. E. XI  
Sherman J. N. XI  
Ennis Harry H. XII-XIII  
Harris George T. XII  
Jackson Rufus XII  
Lomax Claude XII  
McGinnis John S. XII-XIII  
Ott Clarence J. XII-XIII  
Wells F. F. XII  
McChord Charles H. XIII  
Meyer Albert J. XIV  
Sander William XIV  
Spencer T. C. XIV  
Turner Otis XIV  
Hamilton R. F. XV  
Jefferson Charles W. XV  
Leavell George W. XV-XVI GPS 1911
Doherty Wm. B. XVI  
Foley F. K. XVI  
Curtis Chester C. XVII-XVIII  
Beeler Bruce H. XVIII  
Lee Delzie R. XIX  
Speidel Frederick G. XX  
Einhouse J. Harry XXI  
Nicholson William XXII  
McCormack R. L. XXIII  
Chambers Virgil L. XXIV  
Kerbow D. F. XXV  
Dotson Donald C. XXVI  
Asman Henr B. XXVII  
Spencer Alec XXVIII  
Marks Matthew XXIX  
Knotts Halleck S. XXX  
Stuteville James H. XXXI  
Cooper Carl, Jr. XXXII  
Russell William, Jr. XXXIII  
Gatewood William XXXIV  
Harlowe Stuart E. XXXV  
Smith James W. XXXVI  
Wheeler Chalmer XXXVII  
Billips William C. XXXVIII  

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